I'm kinda disappointed to see tobacco being sold,its a most poisonous and noxious weed,but hey if somebody wants COPD or cancer of the respiratory system that's their call.
So Medicine Man ...........


  • It's the chemicals added to standard cigarettes, not tobacco that's bad.

  • Tobacco contains over 7,000 different chemicals and the soil its grown in usually has heavy metals like cadmium .
    So even raw unadulterated tobacco is extremely harmful plus the fact your holding the smoke in deeper in your lungs is even worse but like I said your free to smoke tobacco but be aware of its long term health effects .
    Besides it ruins the taste of fine cannabis .

  • That reminds me, the 75/25 Blend is it tobacco thats the 75% or the other way around

  • I'll ask Med Mama about this.

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