Medical jane

Anyone thinking its worth a try on there moon rocks from medical jane they havent had any more complaints that ive seen



  • @MoonMan5 i didn’t even see that! That sounds great! I’m trying to decide wether to order more refills or go for the wax this time. Decisions decisions lol. That Birthday wax is calling me

  • @Rubygirl816 , I ordered birthday cake wax yesterday. I’ll let you know if it’s worth it :)

  • @Rubygirl816 im nervous though bc medical jane has had issues and yes mam that birthday cake or that cherry strain mmmmm

  • @Kris10 yes please, I’m thinking I have plenty of refills right now, since both my orders showed up a day apart, so why not try some wax for a change 😆. I’m trying to decide the birthday cake or the wedding cake 🤔 🤣

  • Birthday cake @Rubygirl816 its better thc levels and good all around body strain

  • The complaints were regarding the quality and potency of some of the flower strains Jane had been offering. Although I haven't seen the first reviews of the moonrocks yet, I would not expect to see that complaint for that kind of product!

  • I wouldn’t even know what to do with a moon rock lol

  • @Kris10 I usually break up a moonrock and layer a pipe, or bong with it, and flower, then it's BOOM! TO THE MOON, ALICE!!
    Some people will also line a joint, or blunt with a broken up moonrock.
    They're very versatile.

  • I saw those as well as the prerolls 🤤
    I've only ever tried cbd moonrocks never thc but always wanted too

  • I hope she gets more because she's out now

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I hope so too , I went with gelato wax for my first order , wish I went with the moonrocks now tho 🤭

  • @Stonedginger I hope the wax treats ya well (I have no doubt it will). And usually things that make a hit, make it's way back, so keep a watch for them.
    Welcome to the fam, btw!

  • I was thinking of the 2 pre rolled which they say are THC verified are 85% 😳

  • @moonman5 I will say that their moonrocks are pre-packaged. I haven't heard but the reviews online say they're fire!

  • i got two orders of the pre-rolls and two orders of the moonrocks since i could not order more quantity at a time..i tried to order the 4 pk of pre-rolls and they automatically went to the 2....ok by me as long as it doesn't confuse the have 4 orders in 2 days from this one seller, first time i used medical jane, so i hope no issues....loud and co are awesome...they all have been so far..

  • Yeah.. I had my eyes on the moon rocks but Jane has not re-earned my trust yet . Lol

  • Curious how your orders go. Please let us know !

  • Yes please. Thought hard about the blue dream flower. Short right now on med money. Went with momma and greenhouse 🍋 pound 🎂. Still scared of Jane until i see flower reviews on her.

  • I just ordered and 8th finally have been eyeing the menu and it is on there. So hoping for a good product !

  • I dunno. Limited income here. The prices for that and the pre rolleds at Med Jane are a little out of my league.

  • i see a label for the first order of the prem bud from loud and co...(they always have come thru)..and one from ca, so i hope it's the pre-rolls....but no labels yet for the 2 other orders of moonrocks...will def let this forum know if any issues from med jane, they probably have kinks worked out by now...all items i have tried for the last 5 yrs have been awesome...don't hesitate to won't find a better online selection..(at least not a real site, i see good fake ones)...and they really deliver..@JaymeeG...try the samplers for some variety, but loud and co is awesome..

  • Has anyone gotten the moonrocks yet? I'm quite curious to hear reviews.

  • I can tell you that a metric sh*t ton of folks ordered them, so hopefully we'll have a bunch of reviews coming down the pipe. In fact we temporarily sold out, though the shipper believes she'll get more within the week.

  • Moon rocks arrived today. Prepackaged indeed. Without a previous frame of reference these appear be the real deal and hit me fairly hard after 5-10 minutes. Hope to see them again!

  • @DoorMan love to hear it! Mine should be here by the end of the week and I’m hoping I have the same thoughts

  • Jane told me that she'll have more Moonrocks in after a few more days.

  • @medboy does the other shippers ever do moonrocks

  • We've asked over and over again. The answer was always no until Jane came along.

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