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Anyone else experiencing orders either being overlooked or just not showing labels created... my last 6 orders from medmama show up fine when a label is created but havent seen my two new orders show a label at all hence i ordered late sunday and early Tuesday but now items that i ordered are off the menu so ill prob get tons of subs now so i am just wondering if ppl orders or labels have been taking more time than usual or is it just a usps id issue not complaining bc everything shows up just looking to see about any new recent issues yall may be having with your id orders or labels lately sorry i didnt look in the search forum


  • Ordered from Loud 8/30 received label created on 09/01 and it's set to be delivered 09/08. Last 5 packages I've ordered from Loud have been in a timely manner just USPS ID didn't work half the time. So, I'm going to go with what isn't working for me, others must be experiencing the same issues with ID. I wouldn't worry about your package arriving with whoever you ordered from though because you know that they always deliver. 🙂

  • @Brandon2k20 yes they do always deliver so yours havent shown up on id either lately i know ppl have issues but i usually see everything thats why i went with maybe there slow i ordered medmama

  • @MoonMan5 The last MedMama I ordered did not show in ID and took a full two weeks to arrive in my mailbox. I live near Houston, Tx and that is the main distribution center & last place it goes before it hits my mailbox but nothing on ID I even messaged MB about it being two weeks but that same day sure enough it was in the mailbox. That was just last month.

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    @Brandon2k20 do they normally show up for you though i appreciate the feedback it sucks i ordered 2 gs diamonds sunday og kush its gone then ordered tuesday mac shatter its gone now and i see nothing atm when consistently they were showing up but its me worrying im sure

  • Yes they do for me at least. There has only been one instance where ID didn't show anything and pooof! In record 3 day time it was in my mailbox. And that was MedMamma. I only order flower though from here I haven't broken in the shippers menu's full potential yet lol Hopefully yours will wind up arriving sooner rather than later I hope it's like my package and show up lightning quick.

  • These days, about 1/3 of packages arrive without ever showing up on informed delivery.

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    My packages have never arrived without showing up on informed delivery. And I did have a delay last week That had nothing to do with USPS. Point is you never know. I do know that if I don’t get a label printed within a couple of days on my ID after confirmed payment that my order usually has a problem. This is happened twice now and both times it was a problem not involving USPS. Now this is not universal because everyone’s ID doesn’t work as well as mine. Just my own experience.

  • @Theboyua have you waited 5 days for a label from mama bc ive always seen labels asap and ppl who ordered yesterday ect are seeing there labels asap me nothing

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    I’ve never ordered from there I’m always from loud. But this past order I didn’t have a label created for five days and They checked on it on day eight and it turns out it never got sent to the shippers, and now I’m receiving it today 14 days later.

  • @Theboyua when did you email them to ask to look into it

  • Like 5 days in. But mine was kind of a special circumstance because I wasn’t sure if I received a payment confirmation. What day did you pay?

  • @Theboyua sunday night and tuesday night medmama usually its a few days never like this and i dont see how they missed me twice idk

  • @Theboyua and i always screenshot my order info so i know i did it right

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    I just had an order sit for two weeks for loud before I could ask and find out that it was never processed or shipped and the strain i wanted is long gone.
    This makes 3 out of the last 10 orders that I have ordered to have issues with. I will say Medboy has made it all right and i have not lost anything i have gotten subs for some but i did get my orders.
    I think there should be a way that if we dont see anything created we at least find out if it has shipped instead of waiting 2 weeks just to find out if it was looked into it could have been resolved way before 2 weeks.
    whatever they feel needs to happen to make it safe i am all for but dang two weeks checking the mail everyday thinking today would be the day.

  • This is a pain for everyone! Our entire business model is founded on the USPS with the assumption that they would be reliable, and for 7 years they were. This year, we see cracks in the foundation. We're continuing to research alternatives but so far we have not found any other way to safely and discreetly ship products to you.

  • don't worry @medboy it is definitely a bit of a hassle, but i would say hey it's no problem, we will continue to deal with it as long as we have this service. don't let any complaints or noise faze you. we understand you gotta deal with alot of BS , USPS being the better part of that.. but yeah, don't worry! it's all good! (order early & have patience !)

  • But on the other hand I just had a order in 3 days thank you medboy,mama,man we are forever grateful!!!!!

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    @cmweems1964 yea he confirmed payment but when i asked about did it ship he said he can't check that right now which is ok rules are rules sucks though having two orders no label when it was consistent showing labels i want to order more but have to wait to see how this goes they are a blessing though @medboy @medman yall are great even when times are stressful

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