How to show proof of payment

If i sent bitcoin thru cash app and its been past my 3 hrs when i write in the contact form what do i put as a wallet address or what do i give him so he can look it up


  • Your wallet address

  • Go to that particular transaction and click on it and it’s some point there should be a button that says “web receipt” This should show how much you sent and the beginning and the end of the address you sent it to. That should suffice. I would just take a screenshot of it. Hope this helps

  • @MoonMan5 I hope you got it figured out if not let me know and no problem brother I am flying on some green goddess tonight

  • @Theboyua yea man i see what your talking about and bet that's a good strain stay lifted fam did your order ever get figured out

  • @MoonMan5 Yeah man I was right you just go to that transaction and click on it and then there’s these little three buttons up on the right hand corner click on them and it gives you the web receipt option click on it and then when it goes to it just take a screenshot of it. You may already had it figured out but I wanted to give you a little more detail

  • Yeah I took two weeks but it got sorted out so I’m happy and blazed... thanks can’t always go perfectly I just got to remain learn to remain patient.

  • @Theboyua yea maybe bc like i said 2 orders now no label something is not right but maybe its ok idk lol

  • @MoonMan5 All you can do is email medicine boy on the contact form and see if he’ll help you. I think you’re probably fine on the second order the first order just seem like quite a bit of time

  • @Theboyua yea i did i appreciate you bro i see they always fix things so i know they wil for me to when it comes time @medboy is by far a cool guy how did they handle yours bro did you show medbpy your screenshots of paying and he went and looked it up or whats the process

  • Sorry just asking

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    you should always get two emails from medboy with your orders one when you submit the order giving you the address and bitcoin to send that one is always instant.
    the seconded is when your bitcoin is confirmed on the chain medboy will send you the we have received payment email but this can take how ever congested the chain is I have had orders confirmed in 30 seconds and I have had orders take 2hrs but you always have to get the confirmation
    Are You sure its not held pending some kind of verifaction?

  • @cmweems1964 no no it went through withdrawal and all but i cant find a bit coins wallet address to show him so i took pics of the bitcoin withdrawals what did you do or show him

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    In order to prove my orders i send a email with the copy and pasted bitcoin wallet address amount sent and forward the email i received stating that payment was received to meboy using the contact page

  • all you need is the address and amount that med boy sent you in the first email he can look it up with that and your email addresses

  • Yeah you should just be able to do what I said or what was said in the last post. Did you get it figured out?

  • @cmweems1964 @Theboyua yea i forgot they don't work sundays so i accidentally sent same email twice but i used yalls advice thanks

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