Reviews!! love this site and my new product

Hey fam so after being stressed things didmt show on my id well ill say this @medboy is right things dont always show on there and im sooooo happy it all came today.. i ordered 2gs og kush diamonds got subbed by dosido diamonds this packs a punch love it so much and the taste is actually not to bad a lil dry but strong and potent....
Second order was 2 gs mac shatter got a cap that said only 1 g so was a lil upset bc it was suppose to be 2gs butttt this shit is fire for any shatter lovers...and then 2gs birthdaycake got subbed with papaya and this batch was fresher so im ok with it all in all things are ok yes it could be better but man im happy to be stoned lol love yall


  • @MoonMan5 why would they sub the birthday cake, it’s still up on site! Now the dosido I wouldn’t mind being subbed with, lol. If you were supposed to get two grams of Mac and only got one, I would contact them, it’s your money. I know your happy it showed to begin with right!

  • @Rubygirl816 yea im just happy it came i noticed it came from two diff California shippers not san jose like usual so idk i think there swamped and in all nature its not easy writing and getting answers to issues so lmao ill just count a loss on the gram but not sure why they subbed me though

  • are you sure it was just 1g? did you weigh it?

    only reason i ask is bc i've gotten bags before with the wrong amount written on it. most recently was an eighth, which was labeled 28.0g :open_mouth:

    anyway just playin devils advocate and curious whether you weighed it, or whether you could just tell for sure that it was short/ only 1g.

  • Yep. Simply weigh it in the silicone. The silicone container weighs 7.12 grams by itself. So it should weigh out to 9.12 or higher

  • @v32Finish it looked small buttt i could be wrong i didmt weigh it im just thankful for my meds lol

  • If you've been shorted on an order, please write to me about it through the contact form.

  • @medboy its no big deal man i feel like i bug u enough

  • @MoonMan5 i definitely understand feeling like a bug but it’s principals in my opinion. We already pay a pretty price for our medicine. This is an easy fix frfr. Regardless if I write a lot in this case it is a very valid reason. It is also so they can stay on top of things like this and ensure their shippers are doing their part efficiently.

    So glad I got your order !! I can’t wait for my MAC to get here tomorrow this is my 3rd time getting Mac in the last 8 weeks 😀 can’t wait for my Chemdawg

  • @suchacutie89 ty and i agree also plzzzzzz tell me how you like that chemdawg

  • Lately medmama has been shorting me. Label will read 28.8g but it won’t even be 28gs. It’ll be 27.6 or 27.5 but i feel ya on the no complaining but honestly loud has always had 29gs or more so I’ve gotten used to the extra g. I say that to say win some you lose some.

  • @Loudpack1022 noticed that. My recent 2oz premiums were that way. Shatters were 1.7 a piece. Got a .5 freebie bud. Reason I always go back and forth. No shipper is perfect.

  • I would contact @medboy about the shorting, even if it's just a little that you don't care about. Over time with a lot of people, it's kind of a big deal. Medboy should crack the whip on that one.

  • Thanks @Sixwaychili i did let him kno

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