New strains splitting an oz

My girl loves indica. I love anything that is euphoric and calms down my trauma and stress so I’m thinking Dutch treat (never tried) and pink grapefruit. Both indoor. Been getting too many premiums it’s breaking my bank lol jk


  • Lots to choose from. Winners up there IMO : Grapefruit, dutch treat, chemdawg (and all the other premiums basically but I have a feeling that chemdawg is gonna be ridic)

    So yeah you're on the rt track! I think grapefruit and Dutch treat would make a kick ass split

  • @jparkerj72485 I say get the Lemon Haze for the Sativa and DEFINITELY get the Grapefruit kush for the indica. Do not look at the premiums they are too good if you want to save money do yourself the favor and do those ones lol Lemon Haze is awesome especially look at all those hairs on it. Thats a monster

  • I'll ring in with the others and say scoop up some Lemon Haze!
    I haven't had it from here yet, but have from other sources, and is in my top fav sativas, so I always recommend it when it's available.

  • I caved in guys. I got half of the chemdog bc somehow I never have had legit good chemdog. Only blue chemdog but it was medical and horrible. I’m on East so it went from dro to haze to sour d to kush then etc etc. point being I don’t even know when chemdog hit the scene and it was never even really heard of where I’m at. So I snatched a half and a half of jah goo just bc it looked like something that only comes around once in a while a premium. I love sticky icky shit It burns awesome and slow. And idk if any of you guys ever got something called snoops dream make sure you grab that bc it’s my go to for last smoke of the night and I won’t even have to wake up to pee and I’m 35 lol

  • That gelato jet fuel was def on point My girl isn’t a fan of sativa but certain ones she really likes so med mamma was done bc I heard the pound cake was not good and I just did a gelato so I didn’t need 3 more scoops and I hate getting from separate peeps so idk I’m surprised no one said Dutch treat. O yea I made my back up wedding cake bc I’ve been on a jack tip lately and now everything with that gassy taste makes me think I’m smoking jack lol

  • @jparkerj72485 those are the exact 2 that i'm most looking at (and to be totally honest, just hoping they are still there in a day or 2.. lol ) Chemdawg is new to me too.. i've only had it once, and it was a sample from here. never seen it where i'm at either. it was fantastic, but i'm pretty sure it was indoor & not premium, and even that was enough to put it straight on my radar. been waiting ever since to grab some.

  • Gonna smack myself for missing zookies again.

  • edited September 12

    Zookies are back up @jparkerj72485

  • good looking out @MikeyC

  • Yea hope they their still Tuesday and before my last one comes bc wife says no to ordering again before it comes

  • Fuck your wife... And follow her instructions carefully.

  • Lol. That was def classic. Tomorow big day

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