Jah goo and chemdog

Just wondering if anyone ever had jah goo before either on site or from shop. Never had but I love sticky bud. Any comments or suggestions lmk


  • Yes jah goo. Is a very good indica starin had it from this site and from med- shop won't be disappointed. Really good strain

  • Where is Ja?! Reminds me of this:

  • those 2 strains are the ones i'm most interested in. (Jah and Chem) with the Orange Diesel coming close behind

  • @jparkerj72485 ive had the Jahgoo, but it’s night and day different looking then what’s posted now..I will say the pics now does look 🔥..what I received was pure purple loose buds that felt like velvet when touched..effects were ok, but no comparison to ChemDawg for me..

  • And then it happens. God damn. Zookies I’ve been wanting and it drops the next day. Btw. Dodi anyone get that alien rock candy bc I’m after that as well I missed it

  • was Alien Rock Candy on the site recently? i saw it but it was like several months ago .

    zookies looks good. they are really killin me recently

  • Don’t miss out on the Zookies..if it’s the same batch or close it’s 💣.probably one of the strongest strains of late..

  • Last time I had premium Jah goo was by far the strongest most intense Indica experience I've ever had.

    It’s been a while and it still stands out in my memory as blowing me away. Good stuff if that’s what u need 🤪

  • Hoping today’s the day

  • @Joha It's been a long time since I've had it, but I remember my experiences with Jah Goo to be similar.

  • And today was not the day. I hate sundays

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