Xbox gametag anyone

Im cool with some of yall and just want to see if anyone vibes on some xbox one sports games call of duty ect if so drop a gamertag it aint the end of the world to meet or talk to the ppl of this great site... im stoned so whos playing video games


  • Snarlingchip4 😎🤙🏽 COD / forza /fifa

  • Oooooooooo hashbrix420 cod/dayz

  • @BigDoinks bro fifa is my shit im ok at some cod though @JcModel bro ill add you both

  • TiddlyWinks#7612 its from Southpark

  • i just switched from Xbox to PC bc the couple friends i had on xbox started playing weird budget type shit games and i ended up just playing alone, so i took the plunge and built a PC! first ever that i built myself.

    Probably didn't need to post this many pics, but to be honest, i just now checked imgur bc i wasn't sure if i had ANY pics uploaded there.. and found out i have a shitload! and some of them look better than i realized! lol

    ANYWAYS... pretty much the only thing i play nowadays is COD, so if you ever wanna hit me up you can almost always find me on MW . . waiting for the new Treyarch game . looks lit. but yeah i think yall can add me or send me invites, even tho i'm on PC, but it would just have to be thru the actual game / Activision ID, not thru XBL.

    but yeah, my gamertag is the same as it is here ( v32finish ) but yeah man very cool to see other gamers! great thread. love getting blazed and playing cod, that's my jam. very relaxing!! go check out the full album on imgur if you wanna see a few more pics/short clips of my PC:

    also, if you haven't seen yet (or if anyone is curious.. lol... ) ... go watch the 2 trailers that were released for Black Ops: Cold War!!! bad ass!! really impressed with what i've seen and really the only thing other than Cyberpunk 2077 that has even piqued my interest at all

  • That's a great looking (and quite expensive) PC, especially for your first time! @v32Finish

  • Is this all there is that play.... i play madden fifa nhl cod payday 2 gta 5 avengers fortnite and other games whats up med fam lets all chat for once instead of all the drama lol

  • I'm old school with the gaming, and it's been ages since I have.

    I have an orginal NES with a few games, and a backwards compatible PS3 with a few on there. It's been well over a year since I've plugged it in.

    I'm a mostly RPG player with the playstation, and am a huge fan of Final Fantasy. I even have a chocobo decal on my car! 😂

  • @Sixwaychili thanks man, I honestly have wanted to build one for literally years.. and at some point along the way, i started watching alot of tech youtube/PC channels (Bitwit, Jayztwocents, linus, etc) . I was happy with how smoothly it went, but i guess after watching so many builds and reviews and guides and stuff, i was prepared! would highly recommend PC building to anyone as a stress reliever . great hobby. and nowdays is a perfect time to build, you can get a really fire computer for like 5-600 bucks. (highly recommend Pauls Hardware for tutorials too)

    @MigraineWarrior79 reading that comment was a blast from the past!!! used to love the chocobos!!! (and the moogles). I grew up on Final Fantasy and I still remember the originals, all the way back to FF1 on NES. my favorites were the ones on SNES (II and III) and then I pretty much ended on FF7. never played anything after that. but if asked to pick a favorite game of all time, it's gonna be one of those. Final Fantasy's 2,3 & 7 were absolute fuckin masterpieces.

  • @v32Finish The last game I was playing through (again) on the PS3 was FF7.

  • I have Wii, anyone wanna go? 😂 Sorry I had to.... 🤙

  • @v32Finish @MigraineWarrior79 have you seen the ff7 remastered

  • @v32Finish I started building my own in the 90s! These days, I stick to laptops. That one you built was a hell of a lot more than $5-600! I see that 2080 in there. lol

  • @GoldenNugget I miss the Wii I had, may it RIP! Haha

    @MoonMan5 Yes! Thing of beauty!

  • @v32Finish nice build mine, I just made the switch yesterday!

  • @MoonMan5 I remember seeing it, but I dont know if it came out yet. i remember being kinda pissed off bc i refused to buy a PS4 so soon before the new consoles came out.. but i can't remember if it's out or if it's gonna come to PC. i hope so. I don't wanna buy a PS4 but tbh i missed a lot of great games tho. either way, i definitely want to try it out.

    @Sixwaychili yeah, i saved up for that 2080.. lol. that card was the reason i had to buy most of the parts in stages. i couldn't afford to drop 2 or 3 thousand at once, i so i kinda pieced it out. now there's new GPUs out too!!! AHHH!!! i'm already hearing the little voice in my head, "The new 3070 is only gonna be like 5-600 bucks and outperforms a 2080 TI... you can make it happen, i know you can...." :joy: i got bitten by the bug; i already have a mid-range PC pretty much sourced and components sitting in boxes.. so now family members will start benefitting from my hobby. great gifts!! it's amazing how much power you can get now with like a ryzen 3600 and a 2-300 graphics card.. feel like it's gonna keep going that direction.

    @liarliar03 thank you! yeah, i'm glad i made the switch! i am still planning to play consoles if there are titles on the new XB or PS5 that are exclusive (is Halo Infinite going to be on PC or just the series X, for example? ) , so there will still be console gaming in my house as well, but i think PC is just more versatile and there's such a cross-platform trend going on rt now that I can still play with people on consoles anyway. lol

  • greenspirit07

    Mostly cod or gta.

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