Jah goo and chemdog

I need mm tag team champions jah goo and chemdog to make a special guest appearance here. In fact I never really like to mix weed unless it burns well together and I never need to but it just flows so well I may just twist up a 2 g banger a g of each and sit back and chill play some mlb show 2020........(daydreaming while walking to P.O. Box). Or it could be the day the champs lose the belt and I’m home with the wife with the peri.....think u kno how that ends And tomorow is a long day away and hey football I guess


  • MAN i hope you get it today man!! let us know!! lol sending good vibes .. def roll up that double , definitely would be epic .

  • Nothing. Sick. Walked to post office 2 times. Got pissed and got 2 oz of black diamond og. Basically the money I had for zookies. The thing that pisses me off is all these people seeing labels and pending shit. I got informed delivery. All I see is bills that are in there and no packages are schedualed to be delivered anytime soon. So wtf. I got no weed. I’m not gonna buy bullshit. So I spent 4 on two oz of black diamond bc I have a funny feeling nothing tomorrow and this ones gonna be a pain. I ask people about this label shit and no one answers. Two second answer. But it is what it is. Just sucks cause I wanted those zookies

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    @jparkerj72485 sorry man, that sucks. maybe it'll work out. don't pass up something you really wanted- at least order an 8th or a 1/4 of the zookies for personal/ special treat for yourself? despite that you hadda get something else? sucks man sometimes they slip by. as far as people saying the term "labels", i think that is a generic term and really just references an entry showing up on your ID. like, mine right now shows a bunch of past entries on the bottom, (stuff i've received) , then on the top, like the first 4 entries under "packages" are various shit i have on the way:

    my wife has a package from the vitamin shop, "in transit"; my order from Loud, "Pre-shipment" ('Shipping Label Created' - hence the term 'label') ; 'Pre-shipment' from Shopify.... anyways, those are what people are referencing as when they "see a label". (mine from Loud just showed up tonight, which means it will probably start moving in 1-2 days and be here by the weekend or Monday).

    anyway i know the struggle. hope that made sense. lol

    good luck man, don't cheat yourself treat yourself, order the zookies, make it happen sir :lol: no but for real good luck & take care. let us know how it goes.


  • All I have is paper mail. And that shows up so that’s why I’m worried bc i get an email saying you have mail and packages coming. Then I go to my id and it shows my bill that was in there. But I click packages and it says I have no packages created coming to the adress I got which is my P.O. Box. The mm says it’s on way then why does it say nothing is. And he said id is pointless but it works for everyone else. On top of that I expected to wake up to fema money retro back pay bc my state said the 14th with are unemployment and what’s there. Nothing. So it’s gonna be the worst day if that shit don’t come I’m gonna end up going and blowing 400 at a shop and not even getting an oz. fun

  • And I’m guessing what they sent won’t fit my box so I have to go to front and ask and there gonna think I’m waiting for the vaccine to the China virus. I mean if you can’t give us info then give us no info until it arrives and then we should get an email bc I never would have got this box. 60 bucks and I’m waiting the longest ever Idk why they say it’s better but I’d rather wait on my deck all day for mail so it don’t get stollen then wait weeks and look shady. But it’s only our lives that’s all. I mean if they atleast msges when it arrived I wouldn’t keep walking to post office I got tumors and keloids in my neck and they are benign but it’s close to my brain stem. It’s lead to infected salivary glands. Infected gums and I got slammed by a dirt bike going 110 ran a red light and smashed into me and I literally screamed omg I’m gonna die and jumped toward my father who was driving to block him and my wife and dog where in back. And my fathers car had side air bags. Needles to say IT saved our lives but the dude on bike died. Then a month later kids running from cops on dirt bikes and one went up on curb lost controll and crashed into a tree in my front yard and died. Then I got jumped and beaten with a metal shower rod and I’m in the middle of a lawsuit between my lawyer and cops. Long story. I just want my bud to come in no longer than a week. I even offered paying 100 extra

  • Holy shit! Will respond more later but that's some crazy fkn shit. Good luck brother

  • Bro I just walked to the post office again and nothing and no fema money. This shit is insane. I can’t believe why I got a P.O. Box. My shit always 5 days clockwork. Now I have a missing item and the post office Probly thinks I’m waiting on crack

  • My id says no packages are on the way. But my mail works so something is def up and I’m just hurt bc I order faithfully and not small shit. I’m in pain and no sign of relief. Yea it always comes. But supposedly shipping is within 48 hours. Mail and packages move on weekends. My wife’s mother use to work their. They sort and receive daily. So how my thing isn’t in sight is breaking me down. Now what another 400 at the store today and then it comes tomorow. If I got my fema shit yea cool but just as I said last night I wake up to a lose lose and I’m sorry for being such a downer but it seems everyone who has ordered from last wed has received but me

  • Shit just ruins my whole day for real

  • @jparkerj72485 man I know the feeling, my mail man just came and dropped off mail but no package 😢 It really does ruin your whole day when your expecting it. I always get my shit in 5 days as well, I’m going on day 10, really getting worried.

  • Hey Guys I have had many orders sometimes 3 or 4 going at the same time let me repeat I Have never not gotten my orders .
    now some have been late some have been lost some have been wrong but i have had maybe 75 or 100 orders and i have not lost a dime i have recived all that i orderd one way or anouther so if its a issue tell mebboy and he will fix it!!!!!

  • I'm kinda new but I order 5 or 6 times a month and I too have never not received my order so try to relax I know it's hard but your in good hands and your package is on the way. If you don't have it in a few more days contact MM all will be made right these are good people with good hearts.

  • I know I here that from everyone. I make 3 orders a week. I never got corrected for their mistake bc I just said to them it’s ok I can deal with it. Bc I didn’t lose money it was just wrong. And med mama is on point all the time. But loud I always get a label and it never gets to the facility till days after like I hade a label made the 26th that still has not made it to a Usps office. But at the same time I have medman saying it’s on the way but it is what it is. I just hope it’s all correct I tried leaving some extra cash to hope maybe something diff will happen but it just seems it actually took longer. But I’m the asshole for ordering medman a first but I knew she would get it in 3 days. Loud ships in 4 days and u get it in like 6 7. Atleast for me. I can’t even order until I find out about this pack they say has been sent but Usps says opposite. And there’s good stuff. Just a rule. If I have 3 or 4 out I’m not ordering till they all come but yea I just wish I knew what day loud ships bc it’s like once a week or 2 maybe But 9 times out of 10 it’s good. The sour was an 8 and ice cream was 7. Really waiting for animal crackers bear og and purple punch. Can’t wait.

  • Ordered from loud for first time last week, believe Thursday, label printed but doesn't show movement, I did recieve my first order through med mama the previous week and arrived under a week, so placed another order with her today while I anxiously await my first loud package

  • i always get my packages from loud in 6 days. almost religiously. waiting on 2 rt now, orders placed friday evening and saturday day. i'm expecting deliveries thurs. & fri. but as always, we'll see how it all pans out.

    rt now I have a label created/pre-ship on 1, nothing on the other. in my experiences they've been about the same on shipping times, with Mama giving me a couple different occasions of super quick 4 day deliveries.. but for the most part, i consider them equal on shipping. Loud has also had 2 of my last 3 orders delivered 1 day early (5 days total from dropping my order, to shipping outta WA, to my doorstep in HTX. ) pretty fkn good if ya ask me.

    knock on wood. again, feel very badly for those who deal with those issues more frequently. (@theboyua did your packages ever show up???? good grief.. i feel like this guy suffered for the rest of us; let me know how you've been mate!)

    either which way. the 2 I'm waiting on rt now are Purple Punch and Strawberry 'nana Tangie. hopefully i'll be able to pick up a couple more soon as there's really a ton i would like to try. (side-rant: ) i really wish my confidence hadn't been totally dashed in the sample packs as i think that's a great feature and i really still have a bad taste in my mouth from getting subbed out for ALL 4 g's the last time i ordered one.

    just couldn't help dropping that in there but yeah man for some reason i have a feeling like that Miracle Whip, the Strawberry Tangie, and the Purple Punch are the real winners out of the recent strains.. but of course we shall just have to see

  • @v32Finish sucks got subbed wouldn't be thrilled either,
    yeah I hear ya I start reading some these members posts and feel bad for even stressing bout mine but can't help always been anxious and stress bout what ifs lol . Man that's pretty good average shipping time imo know I was impressed with med mama arriving on the Ohio in like 5 days and yes I'm really tempted to pull trigger on miracle whip after these 2 orders hit, it sounds like a fun night and think the next strain might try getting same time is the Frankenstein, I just gotta lol but that bear creek, mk, and couple you mentioned alllll sound like I need to try🤤 may the mj and shipping gods be with you

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    @v32Finish hey bro. I’ve received all but my first! It had been over three weeks (This was all on USPS, I just want to make that clear) on it so they reshipped and it’s showing Thursday delivery, so it took a bit but it looks like it’s an all good now. Knock on wood! I have no idea what is coming in these two zips but it’s LoudnCo and one is indoor and one is premium so I figure it can’t be anything bad. Actually kind of fun not knowing just this once to be honest. I’ll be surprised. Anyway thanks for asking bud, appreciate that.

    I got in on the Purple Punch and Dolato yesterday. Two of my favorites and that’s gonna be a fun arrival day

    @Vapedad78 what day was your label printed on? Just curious. Mine was printed Saturday and it started moving last night.

  • @Theboyua same thing here, unfortunately still not seeing a label on the med mama I ordered yesterday afternoon but she could be backed up so trying not to sweat it and slow down with on hand so don't run out before new arrives lol

  • Finally got movement from loud. Ordered Thursday was in Usps hands by Monday. Now a few more days. And this is the bear og the animal cookies and purple punch. I then went and pulled trigger on a half miracle whip half strawberry banana tangie and some gmo cookies. Trying a few of those pre rolls from med mama also. And the sour diesel is an 8 while the ice cream cake was a 7. Really that orange do si do got a good high. But was a bit dry. Any thoughts

  • @jparkerj72485 for the record we pack and ship 6 days a week and only take a half day off on the seventh day. Im sorry if your orders are taking longer but we are doing the best we can and do work 6.5 days a week to make sure everyone gets their stuff as fast as they can.

  • I mean if you want to help everyone including yourself out, instead of placing 3 orders a week, you could place one. That's 67% less work and would obviously make things move more quickly if everyone did it.

  • @Sixwaychili good idea man, need to do that myself

  • And it's definitely the usps holding stuff up, seen one said departed 130am then later on the 130 scan disappears and now it's a 930am departure, how'd it leave the same place twice and take 8 hours to do it lol , can't wait to try this @LoudnCo fruit loops after soo many great things said about it

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