Bubba kush

Bubba kush was the first strain I've gotten from medicineman I'm a long time smoker so I'm kinda a veteran I graduated from crappy weed from block boys brick low quality uknown strain, Oh sorry for getting of topic. Then I went on an 10 ounce buying rampage on cbd flower just wasnt doing or giving the feeling I want, and I want that high recreational feel
Bubba kush was very sedating each full blunt I think I fell asleep shortly after smoke
I smoke my MJ and blunts
I used my MJ as recreational
I dont sell any product at all honesty I dont want people smoking the same as me let alone share.

Bubba kush smell was good in fact a couple days has gone by in theres still slight aroma left in air
The texture wss good
I really enjoyed it after running out I dont want to buy anything less than an oz.

I'm waiting on my 2nd order PFL


  • I've probably gotten about 15 blunts of swisher sweets rolled to smoked out of 14g

  • hell yeah, thanks for the review! glad you enjoyed it! Bubba is a classic, with lots of great phenotypes. the PFL is really strong!! super heavy flower :sunglasses: cheers

  • I got a freebie joint of PFL today so I lit it up and holy shit. I might have to bite the bullet for an ounce of that cuz it is absolutely a stunner.

  • Idk I personally ally thought the Chemdawg was more ⛽️⛽️ Than PFL 😩

  • They are all just different right.. lots of strains in the previous months that have been super strong, but they all "jive" with me just a little bit differently. different strokes :) i am super super bummed to see the chemdawg come off the menu. crossing my fingers @LoudnCo may be able to re-up on that , if not then i'll catch it on the next pass .

    I liked the PFL, it's potent.. it definitely is strong.. but it's just the type of high & the terpene profile don't make me fall in love like some strains. still glad i have some tho!
    @nugget07 follow your instincts! don't be like me and then be remorseful and sad once you see it pulled down from the menu lol :lol:

  • @v32Finish Right I agree go for it if you eyeing it nugget07.....i know now best thing to do is just buy an 1/8th if your indecisive

  • I love PFL. And I'm not crazy about Alaskan Thunderfuck, which leaves me saying "What in the Alaskan Thunderfuck happened last night?" when I wake up in the morning. I also prefer PFL way more than the premium MAC.

    I really need another strong sativa to add to my stash.

  • I'm pretty well set for what I need for the next month or so otherwise I would definitely buy some up. Its probably not the wisest for me to have so much on hand at once. I smoke too much as is 🤣

  • @LoudnCo just opened my package of bubba kush and dutch treat with shatter add on. Best order ive had out of 2 years! I opened the mylar bag, didnt open the actual baggies had to go out side and came back in and could smell the funk from the door 25 feet away. The package was packed amazing! Might get me some more if i got the loot! Too bad you dont take paypal credit with no intrest if paid off in 6 months. Id max that bitch out.

  • @groundscreeper So happy you like it! :smiley:

  • Found a little half of joint tuck inside my couch went in lit it up and wow still good. That aroma is very noticeable with bubba almost like an hot peanutbutter jelly burned chocolate or an sweet mustard musk smell I definitely enjoyed bubba

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