I know everyone has there certain storage methods: Since I'm not a grower, Mines is glass jar Mason type or air concealed with the rubber ring around top that clamps down on closure. Heres the real question I'm interested in owning multiple strains not too much maybe an ounce or 2 I'm not able to keep my home temperature below 80 degrees at all times due to heat I dont want my medicine to degrade
Will I be okay with the glass jar closed air conclead
With my flower stored out the way not in direct sunlight and temperature of 80 degrees


  • 70F or less is ideal. Store in the lowest spot in your living space. I keep my stash in a light proof cabinet in my basement. Only worry is condensation forming in the jars at higher temps if the herb isn’t quite dry enough. Burp your jars now and then to avoid mold. Otherwise you should be ok, weed often degrades over time no matter what you try.

  • yeah... I think it may be a problem if it was 80+ all the time, but I don't think you would have a problem if you just tried to keep it in the coolest place you could & it got up to 80 sometimes. burp as @funkynugz suggested & i think it would be OK.

  • Yall already know so due I , Tips and friendly advice is beautiful. If you get your product in large quantity in know your going to be having it for awhile storage is major . For me it's the temperature thing what I concerned with. I usually smoke oz in one week alone(by myself) but i want multiple strains for I dont have too burn all in one week

  • The humidity you really want between 55-65 ideally. That’s why people use humidity packs

  • yes- totally recommend a nice air tight jar (or 10 :) ) and the 62% boveda brand humidi-paks.

  • Mason jars and boveda packs work for me. I have used mason jars (the brown colored ones) for quite awhile with no issues. Stored in my garage in south georgia so it was over 80 degrees 8 month of the year and no issues. I normally won't have any strain on hand more than2-3 months though. Jars I use hold about an oz each.

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    Bought this set up on Amazon and store them out of direct sun in a cabinet. Works well for me. Switched to these humidifying packs over Bovada packs about 4 months ago because they're cheaper per item and last longer.

  • @NOLA504 thank you!!! i have been needing some larger jars and also def. curious about the cheaper Boveda replacements! ! sounds like you've had good luck with them??? I will definitely try the next time i need to get more.

    If anyone needs a recommendation for smaller jars, I have tried a bunch of different kinds, and for pricy end of the spectrum, I like the "HerbGuard" jars. (i was relieved to find that their jars DON'T have the giant white lettered branding on them like the photos, plain black jars that just seem the highest quality of everything i own). but my favorite overall have been from a seller on Etsy named "Zusa Fragrances" and she has these amber glass bottles with plastic black tops, but they feel less cheaply made than any other version of the same jar. they store up to an 8th. (usually, anyway) and they're cheap!!

    yeah, i'm all set for small jars, but i know soon enough I'm gonna need to fill some big 'uns

  • @v32Finish. Yes these 17 oz jars I found are priced great for 6 pieces (on my second set) and are the perfect size for 1/2-1oz of flower. I was using a larger 25 oz jar and they were just way too bulky. This jar is small enough to where I can easily fit 4-6 in a desk drawer but large enough so as im not smashing the buds while storing.

    I had used Boveda for awhile since I started smoking cigars. I found myself having to replace those more often than I would like from them drying up in my humidor. These new ones work great for me and each one lasts up to 2 years. Another plus is that it isnt filled with a liquid as the Boveda ones are. Being that these new ones aren't filled with liquid, means they lay flat at the bottom of my jar/humidor meaning more room for cigars/bud.

  • niiice. awesome. definitely gonna check those out. thanks again!!

  • I used jars for years but it only took me one time picking glass shards out of my prized buds for me to switch to the cv stainless containers they are airtight nearly indestructible. I really don't need long term storage because retirement and major health problems allow me to blaze away pretty much every waking hour. At around $20 I found it hard not to justify spending the $ to get a few of these to keep my strains as fresh as the day they were delivered .And they have a compartment on the top for humidity packs so they are not laying on top of your green medicine. Good luck with buds I really hope you find the perfect solution just for you.

  • My grandfather tends to store his in an airtight container in the freezer.

    Works well as long as no moisture gets in. Also you can consider getting foodsaver vacuum bags and making small packages to take out of the freezer, so most stays airtight and cool.

    One added bonus to frozen buds is that they crumble great in the fingers for rolling Js while chilled. Once room temp they are normal smokes.

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