Home is the best place to used your personal product that you've received: When your home you are home it's yours
What I due is I normally smoke indoors I always like to be discreet I'm not the type that let whole neighborhoods know I'm smoking or smoke
So what I'll due is after I'm done smoking blunt I'll light up a cigar or cigarette take a few puffs just to neutralize the air
Air fresheners are Good like febreeze due to my tile floor it would make it somewhat slippery or if you have carpet it may damp your carpet making it sticky for debris
Incense not an good idea unless your on an back patio where you could insure you wouldn't have to risk possible risks


  • We all may need an 1:1 strand I know we all crave smoke on the go without been to blazed

  • Room smoking while your relatives home? Seems like it's time to build trust if your on that end of bargain
    I was before

  • You're right, your own home is the safest place to medicate. One of the cruelest aspects of the war on drugs is the way that it has always preyed on poor people, who are less likely to have a place where they can smoke at home so they do it on the street or in public parks where they are far more likely to be arrested for it. So if you can medicate at home, you should!

  • Oust by Lysol worked the best because it truly neutralized the air. I was, and I still am pissed it was taken off the shelves!

  • home sweet home. just kicked my feet up, got a brewski & 2 jars with me.. time to kick back. ain't no place like home :sweat_smile:

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    It's all about the lights when smoking welly lit will cause an cloudy effect so just chill smoke in kick back if you living in an okay lifestyle. Dark. Have your items already pre did before smoking is ultimate enjoy please i don't know though.

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