I wanted to share my experience with treating chronic pain. I have to say that most strains provide pain relief but some are markedly superior. It's sort of hit and miss here.
Here's my formula: I take two shots of Maker's Mark or a good tequila then I follow with ten hits of whatever I have at hand like right now it's Dutch Treat. I may need another shot, it all depends, I think, on your tolerance. Often times I'll need to smoke more. Something like a half-joint (about 1/4 gram).
Anyway the first attempt shown above is about equivalent to four 5mg Percocet. In fact, I got rid of the Percs in favor of pot. The biggest hurdle is trying to get up and move after smoking so much pot. I have a back injury so I need to move. It's sad that the a-holes in congress never allowed research on pot for going on over 70 years now. Imagine the product they may have come up with where it's not sedating!! I really do not wish to be stoned all day in order to be pain free. But that's what we have now to work with.
But I am grateful that, at least, we have something that doesn't make you want to puke, is non-addicting, and provides superior pain relief.
And I want to thank the honest and loving people at Medicine Man for simply being here. I would be fu..ed if they were not around.
Anyway, if you all have anything to add please let me know. I now realize why there is such a kick back from Big Pharma. Cannabis is far superior. All we need now is a strain that doesn't smash you in to a couch potato but provides good reliable pain management.
Of note: the pain management doctors in this area are Nazis and they would kick you out if you told them you were using cannabis. One idiot here actually tests random urines!!! I personally shut his arrogant ass down with my superior knowledge of pharmacology. (I taught pharm for ten years). Then I went and found a better pain guy but still they have no solution. They now like to use Pregabalin and Cymbalta both neurotoxic poisons pushed by Pharma using fake science studies. What a joke. I hope pot is legalized nationally so we do not have to deal with this crap they prescribe.



  • Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, Big Forestry. All have spent hundred of millions of dollars on anti-cannabis lobbying for 70 years or so. It’s taken a lot of time to undo all the lies that have been told about cannabis from these heartless corporations and the politicians they have bought and continue to buy, but it’s starting to happen. It’s a slower pace than I ever thought but I think we get to the point where it’s legally available federally everywhere. They’ll be a few backwards states (like mine) that won’t jump on board but because of the revenue, it will only be a few. They’ll be like the “dry” counties we still have in my state (for those that do not know a dry county is a county that you cannot buy alcohol in. They still exist believe it or not).

    I’m glad you found a product that keeps you from having to taking the Percocet. I’ve been down that road and it’s not a good one. Good job for you and I hope the meds continue to help.

  • Second that @Billy I stopped mj for years due to ripping open bottom 3 lumbar disc spilling onto raw nerve constantly and now have more issues that stemmed from original. I got soo tired of them shoving scripts in my face I finally had enough and here i am. But you're right it's crazy and all about money and controlling the people, and it's soo transparent it's sickening. Someone consuming alcohol which barely has a slight health benefit but can kill you OD or smoke cigs with absolutely no health benefit and kill you but neither will get you kicked out a pain clinic but puff a lil mj with all its wondrous medicinal properties and no chances of death OD but getcha kicked off the addictive meds they shovelling fast as possible. Soo ass backwards and bullshit can't stand it

  • For things like chronic pain, anxiety, or stress I would recommend White Rhino or a pure indica. Anything in the Afghani/Northern Lights family is great for chronic pain. Unfortunately these are all "couch smasher" strains, but a little caffeine after I smoke helps a lot.

  • I, too, use cannabis for pain relief due to my namesake migraine headaches, and from a severe auto accident 5 yrs ago that damaged my spine in my cervical and lumbar areas.
    Indicas are my friends for this!
    Big pharma can kiss my ass because all it caused for me was a dependency upon pain meds. This is where cannabis stepped in,and saved the day.

  • I also use cannabis for pain relief among other things. It helps, I have been in two car accidents (others faults) it helps me dull the constant soreness of my back and feel way better. This site helps as even though I’m a licensed cannabis medical patient it’s so restrictive in what I can get and in flower form and more expensive using the state dispensaries where I live. I’m very fortunate for medicineman, medboy and all they do to help us out. Thanks guys!! For all you do. I use a balance of sativa hybrid and indica I like mixing it up once in awhile and trying dif strains.

    I’ve been very happy with wedding cake, super lemon haze, agent orange, jaeger, Jack Herer. Among others.

  • Arthritis and chronic pain...which is my qualifying condition for my medical card. But anxiety, panic disorder, and insomnia are other great uses for my medicine! @Greenturtle420 I'm relieved to be legal, but the quantity restrictions and really high costs keep me coming here for most of my flower.

  • I hear ya, TheProfessor I just got some fruit loops and it’s pretty decent. I’m a fan, again I like variety but we all have our favorites. All the best to you. 420.

  • Right now I am not getting good pain relief from either Bubba Kush or Dutch Treat. Agent Orange is one that I really dig. And White Rhino I used to get from a buddy in SD-great stuff!
    I see that quarters are gong for $130 in Ill. What a ripoff.
    So glad that MM is here.
    Yep, and Fu..k Big Pharma!!!

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    White rhino is one of my fav old school strains to smoke and to grow. Its a gorgeous plant

  • Problem with some as with me. I don’t drink. I can’t. It does not agree with my body. Also I’m on a healthy methadone dose for pain and I have never wanted of something so bad bc it destroyed my senses. My sex life. My teeth. My body. But I’m also afraid by coming off I will be in so much more pain. Man I was driving to a diff state just to get a strain called snoops dream bc it gave me a full night sleep along with some cbd and melatonin but my fav for sleep is snoops dream and and ghost ship. Problem is these damn places only make 8ths and it’s 60 an 8th plus tax. Also my wife has asthma so she can’t smoke concentrate so I can’t buy bc it’s a bad look on me if I do. And I wouldn’t do that to her also. But I’m really looking forward the closer to thanksgiving the bud should be top notch so. Also. Idk if anyone takes klonopin or meds for anxiety but if so does it reduce your high?

  • Please be careful mixing methadone with benzodiazepines and smoking on top, not tryna be preachy but that combo can turn on ya quickly

  • @jparkerj72485 Methadone and klonopin together will depress your respiratory system, and cause a major breathing issue for you especially if you go to sleep on it, so that's definitely something you don't want to mix.
    I don't know if the klonopin is for you, or your wife, so I really dont want to assume.
    But, to answer your question, benzodiazepines and cannabis together would really just make you more relaxed.

  • @Billy When you mention chronic pain, that means your body is inflamed. Did you have an accident or is this genetic??

    Grains are notorious for causing inflammation along with dairy products. The lectin proteins and saturated fats found in foods are the culprit. I'd recommend Dr. Gundry's Plant Paradox food list.

    Unfortunately most people will end up in the hospital with some metabolic issue that was caused by what they ate in life.

  • Klonopins are very addicting

  • yeah dude i always recommend to people to stay FAR away from benzos of all types.. in general .. valium xanax ativan klonopin. doesn't matter which. they are EXTREMELY neurotoxic & if you do a little research you'll see that after coming off them, you literally have side effects for YEARS afterwards. they are straight up evil and tbh i feel very fortunate to have survived them . if they are used at all, definitely do not use them more than once in a while. something you DO NOT want to become physically dependent on . very very scary

  • and also @MigraineWarrior79 is also 100% correct. definitely plz do not mix benzos with methadone as this is very dangerous . 2 ppl from my work have died in the past 2 yrs bc of some combination of alcohol, benzos, and opiates in both cases. plz be safe!

  • also i just re-read my post, and i'm not trying to preach, either! wasn't trying to come off that way, but it's just something that i'm acutely aware of and familiar with & i feel like people should put those dangers out there in case others arent aware of it.

  • Yea, dude. A cuz of mine almost died that way with a mixture of heroin, benzos, and a number of other things, so as soon as I saw that post I wanted to jump up a say something.
    Gotta warn ya fellow fam members!

  • Ok first I have a doc at the methadone clinic that prescribes my klonipin it’s only 3 mgs a day. They don’t even do anything. Maybe make me depressed? I also am prescribed adderal few times daily. O and gabapentin. The pain I have keyloids and deep scar tissue in the back of my neck under healthy skin. The keyloids are benign but can spread and you can’t see. I wake up evernight to either a migraine or an inflamed lymph nodes or gums and mouth. I thought a tooth was infected it was had it pulled but it did nothing. My white blood cell count is high. I had hep c but got it cleaned I ruined my body with drugs for 20 years and I’ve been off the dumb shit for 4 years and I’m trying to get off methadone now but lol it’s almost impossible now bc I’ve also suffered some trauma a dirt bike blew a red light at 100 mph and smashed into my side door and if not for side airbags I’d be dead with my wife and father. The driver of bike died rip. My last words when I saw the bike about to smash me was omg I’m gonna die and I jumped to block my dad who was driving. I then also got attacked and attempted robbery against me as I was beat with a metal shower pipe for nothing Bc I tried to live a life of helping others and when you can’t help no more and people drink and drug it isn’t good. Anyway the person was arrested with 2nd degree assault with weapon to cause injury. And the thing is I changed my life for the best and ever since I started meditating and trying to be more spiritual I feel the karma fast tracking it’s way to clean my slate instead of repeat wash repeat. Idk if I make sense to anyone but yea I need the best for migraines sleep and euphoria. An indica and a sativa. Of coarse I’m a sativa and wife is indica

  • For some reason the benzo dont help with anything. Just another sign for doc. But I have inflammation started with neck and then mouth gums all my teeth started cracking but when I rid the dull pain in mouth it just seems to hurt my head and I’ll get a headache vice versa. My father had an infected gland in mouth. Idk. But they mis-diagnosed my issue 2 years ago said I had ring worm and alopecia with staff infection?????????? Wtf. I’m a clean person and they diagnosed it wrong and pumped me full of fungus for no reason I got sick with yeast infection in mouth. Yea so life has sucked man. But I’m clean from dope and crack for 4 years so I just remember how bad that was

  • @jparkerj72485 I definitely understand some of what you're going through.
    I deal with migraines almost daily, myself, and I've been in a couple of car accidents. The last one was 5 yrs ago, and it was horrible. I deal with a lot of pain with that too, so indica is for me like your wife.
    I wish you all the best, fam 💚

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    @Billy Man, I’m so happy you said bubba is giving you pain relief. I am currently waiting on a 1/2 of it for my nerve damage and herniated lumbar discs. I am a fitness trainer and refuse to take pharmaceuticals.

    This gives me hope ❤️

  • I got a half of miracle whip half sb tangie and a q of gmo cookies. Has anyone got any info on these. Also I think I’m gonna dump my P.O. Box. I have Id and I get a msg saying my pack hit its origin spot. I click and it linked me to an old package that I got last week. Then I check again and it’s fine but my other order started linking to old order. So I go to post and they said it was on the plane this morning and that the issue was a fluke

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    Well, I now have a pretty great need for pain relief. Went to bed the other night and woke up without being able to even move my right arm. Feels like someone hit me in the shoulder with a baseball bat. I seriously thought it was dislocated, but the doctor said it was most likely a severe muscle spasm that caused that much damage. It's better today as I can actually move without crying.

    I took two edibles and smoked like 3 bowls of alaskan thunderfuck. Pain almost gone. Hopefully this is just a week long thing.

    Sleeping is scary and getting old sucks.

  • @jparkerj72485 the sb tangie is ok.. didn't blow me away.. it's got a kind of coffee / dark type smell going on , definitely not what i'd consider 'dank' but it also did get a bit stronger smelling after 2 days in a jar. i wasn't thrilled with it at first, but it's redeemed itself that it's a pretty good daytime strain. once i smoked ONLY the sb tangie i ended up going and randomly doing a bunch of shit around the house. but yeah i would give it an 8.0/10. i got this and the purple punch and really wish i'd picked something else instead of exploring, but i do like the sbt for daytime.

    hope this helps.

  • I really feel for you man, I know what it's like to search for that relief that never seems to come. After a severe accident at the age of 15 I started having nocturnal grand maule seizures. I would wake up in debilitating pain and not know what was going on. I grew up in a untraditional family where every drug know to man was used. My mom was a nurse who worked in the OR the ER and in private practice. At the age of 28 i ruptured L2-L5 i had a MRI when the neurosurgeon opened the door and looked at me he closed the door. He came back a couple of minutes later
    and said "you're back looks like CRAP "! It turns out that I had been shattering my spine with the seizures to the point of having the spine of a "95 year old woman with osteoporosis ". After 8 surgeries and finding out I have scar tissue so heavy no one can oblate the sciatic nerves in my legs, I've had 4 surgeons try and the last one bent the needle . I have tried to keep my opiate to a minimum but have lost that battle many times. I have found for me a heavy indica for the muscle pain and the headaches. Gabapentin for the nerve pain and I do take oxymorphone to help me get out of bed into my wheelchair in the morning and then again at night to sleep. I absolutely hate opiates eventhough I've used every one. the only one I really enjoyed was opianated tia stick's. I have stayed away from methadone it scares the shit out of me it's made to keep you on it and I feel for anyone going through the same struggles I am, No One's pain is any more or less severe than mine we all have our lanes of life we are on and can only hope for a downhill grade every now and then. After 50 years of pain 38 of those in a wheelchair I pray for the perfect answer that lies locked in the cannabis plant if only our government would put 1/10 of 1% of what has been spent on a ineffective political war on drugs we could cure or treat numerous illnesses with cannabis. I'm trying my hardest every day guys in a state that will lock me up for a roach and have. PS if anyone has a favorite super stoney strain that will make you watch your stereo please let me know. Dwelling on the Mnt

  • Oh man I forgot to put this in my stupid post. I wrote that comment after smoking half a dozen MAC bong hits then I layered jahgoo, True OG Kief and peach cobbler moon rocks for another 3 or 4 bong hits I would highly recommend this combination as this combination has me feeling no pain at all and I could care less about the purest who don't mix strains because I have to find what works on my pain. I probably have a 30 or 40%success rate but even my failures are fun. Smoke pure and mix it up it's just like cooking the right combination of ingredients can create a masterpiece of flavor and relieve your pain. Dwelling Stoned 🤤

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    @MNTDWLER man. And I thought my back was jacked from the car accident I was in five years ago. It's nothing in comparison.
    I'm on gabapentin as well for nerve damage, mainly on the left side of my entire body, and it also aids in these migraine headaches I suffer from.
    I use mostly heavy indicas to help with pain, or indica leaning hybrids. On days where I absolutely have to get out of the house, I like to use a 50/50 strain.
    I've read up on Jungle Cake, which @medmama has available now, and it seems to be a winner for this purpose. Royal Kush is also one that I've researched, and it looks like a good one to aid with pain.
    I hope one day the pain you've been suffering with comes to an end!

  • You know, after reading these comments, I don't think I'll complain of pain anymore. I really feel for all of you. I often wonder if back in the 70s when Nixon could have legalized pot as per the panel that recommended legalization, we wouldn't have some wonderful, powerful, pain reliever based on cannabis chemistry. Fifty years of legal research might have produced something like that! It pisses me off. Esp. now that Big Pharma makes more money than entire countries and dedicates all of its research toward synthetics which almost by definition are toxic. I've seen how new doctors are so brainwashed into Pills N Procedures that they slough off any mention of using traditional methods of treatment. And now, get ready for medical tyranny. We are seeing it in real time.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Dude. Gabapentin has ruined my life. I can’t function without and if I don’t have any I get very depressed and lethargic. Pain. And emotional The klonopin does not help the withdrawal. They are making them a controlled sub in my state this year My doc never said I’d have withdrawal. The klonipin does nothing and it is a waste unless I take 3. But I don’t abuse my meds. I’m prescribed 3 30mg adderal daily and I don’t take that many but if I did I can fall sleep easy but if my girl took a half she would be awake for 2 days. I’m looking into getting soma and dropping everything else except my adderal but soma is a tough one I’m also afraid of telling her how bad I feel and how I think my tumors are spreading bc I have headaches all day everyday. I never got them in past. All my gums and teeth. No abscess. I have a deviated septum or another tumor on the inside of my nose and the roof of my mouth in the back has a swollen bone like thing protruding from the side roof of mouth. Idk tonsil? My lymphnodes are always swollen. I mean it gets to the point where I can’t smoke bc I feel like it’s infecting whatever but I try to get weed that has anti inflammatory terps. But I just keep my faith. In medman I trust

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