Ghost O.G

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Just like description accept my thing is just like expected outdoor is the more natural version heavy smoke stronger smell although lacking effects wise because smoking outdoor while I'm indoor I see the smoke way heavier than if I smoke 3 blunts of premium quality from different strains on the site I dont know I is smoking as I write this ghost og resembles an grandaddy purple type strain I leave more reviews I had a good day actually smoke several blunts so I can't honestly give better review untill later below in comments.


  • So it’s some fire 🔥?

  • Mm ghost is delicious giving me an California orange or a gold scent taste

  • Awesome thanks for info

  • Ghost is most definitely fire if your smoking indoor i dont know if you be able to cloud the place with smoke if you like to toke how I toke

  • Ghost o.g is adventurous be careful

  • Ghost og a have you giving him to an neighbor or driving ridden all day from the expressway with it and your laps

  • Appreciate the review!

  • I'm pretty jacked dude I been smoking all day today though I'm rolling another ghost og

  • Great job on the packaging she's strong itself more smell than any other strain I have as of right now I have been smoking allday different strains

  • Mane they did that
    effects 7:10

  • 7:10 everything Ghost O.G

  • Could be 6:10 its hitting though
    Looking at the new strains

  • My ghost should be here any day now. Ordered friday. So hopefully today or tom. Will review when it comes

  • @SpongePail I'll definitely be looking forward to your review!

  • @Bruno @SpongePail Can either of you let me know on the flower's dryness?
    Like, is it crumbly to the touch, or is it holding up pretty well?

  • It came today but i shall review it on the morrow. For triple scoop gelato was my add on grm. I said any and thats what moma sent 😀. I shall smoketh the gelato. Already did. 😂

  • The g og triple scoop I had as add on was some dank ass stuff almost wished I'd grabbed more

  • The reason there is not many people reviewing ghost og is because we are all asleep after smoking. Will try again tonight. May have to take notes for when i wake up. Great little hybrid. Hits like headband at first then locked down and night night if you keep 🚬

  • Are you using it like sage or some shit? What are the "effects" when asked usually doesn't mean the smoke produced- it's the high.

  • @MikeyC . Will do a full review when i can. But its a heavy indica which puts me to sleep after.

  • Ghost og outdoor review.
    First off not a daytime strain. You will accomplish little.
    Buds are med size frosty for outdoor. Typical outdoor trim. Buds are light green and dusty with trichs. Smells kushy. That earthy peppery slightly mentholic smell when ground. Smokes smooth. First toke hits behind the eyes like headband. First bowl is balanced effects head and body high. Evolves into a heavy indica put you down for a nap. If you continue smoking you will invariably fall asleep. Great for insomnia or muscle aches and pains and spasms. Rated as outdoor a solid 7.5/10

  • Great review sounds awesome I’m hoping to get some when my funds are right I’ve been eyeing it

  • @MikeyC
    I hear ya. I keep reading, I'm getting it tomorrow, or, I got it but no opinion, or, it tastes great, but nothing about if it gets one high. Never anyone saying what they bought does for them. I know I sure aint buying this expensive an item for the taste. I can treat fruit if I care about a fruity taste. I buy for one reason only, just as everyone does. I find it odd that reviews don't mention it, let alone focus on that.

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