Another lil review poundcake

Well i bought 8gs of poundcake but asked for a split with a sativa which did not happen and that's upsetting bc we get told we can split then i end up getting all heavy indica no sativa but I LOVE THE POUNDCAKE NO HATING ON IT BEING A STONEY SLEEPING SEDATIVE WITH A BAD COMEDOWN LOL but i recommend it just would be nice if they honored the split it up system bc 8gs of heavy indica is not easy if you burn all days


  • @MoonMan5 you got to check the boxes on the order form for each specific strain whether its an gram or 8th or quarter etc yea its gonna cost more if u buy 2 separate 8ths you just cant buy all poundcake and say hey i wanna split this w another strain you need to inform @medboy or @medman or u could ask the seller directly @LoudnCo or @medmama who ever u where gettn it from. i know thats why u probably asked for a split but it just doesn't work like that unless they agree to that ahead of time before u put your order in hope this helps guys.

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    @MoonMan5 ive asked for a 1/4 split before. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t. It is not guaranteed if you read the rules page. They only guarantee they will split 1/2 Os or bigger. That’s why I usually now order a half ounce or an ounce. Glad the pound cake is good though!

  • Not sure I did it right the way I requested @medmama and @LoudnCo split halves but asked each to be split with another same priced item

  • @Theboyua yea i bought shatter not bud i heard we could split if it was 4 or higher

  • Ohhhhh. That makes much more sense. And yes I heard that same. Sorry I misinterpreted. And I agree 8 g of Indica shatter is quite a bit.

  • That's ballsy- I wish I thought if that- you can always pay 130 for the 8 grams sampler!

  • @MikeyC nah it was shatter bro

  • That'd be nice 8 grams various shatter for 130, where do I sign up lol

  • Invest in a nug smasher and buy the trim

  • i want a nice rosin press so bad .. but they are expensive

  • I use a lady’s hair straightener with a vice grip, shove a nug into some parchment paper and press away. Takes some practice and the work can be tedious but the resulting rosin, albeit a small amount, can be quite good.

  • @Vapedad78
    Yup. Get i n line. :-)

  • @MoonMan5 Yep, same here. Well I bought 8 g total, 4g citrus sap shatter from medmama and 4g lodi dodi from @LoudnCo- I asked Loud&Co to please do 2g miracle whip and 2g Lodi dodi and I got all Lodi dodi and ended up hating it. Eesh.

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