Medmama ?

Nothing bad @medmama buttttt lately my orders show up in different california areas like mountain view ca and more is there a reason for these new shipping sites the labels are coming from or am i just missing the actual point lol it seems like it takes longer if its not from san jose



  • My latest one from yesterday from mm was Santa clara

  • Mine says Santa Clara this time. They either ran out and are subbing my order, or like you said other cities are just slow on shipping. Not worried it will appear 🤙

  • @Highguy did your label start moving or say label created same to you @theunleet

  • Mine was San Francisco

  • Label created, has not moved for 3 days. Strange but it happens.

  • Mine was created a few days ago also and nothing

  • My bad, the one from loud hasn’t moved yet

  • I have several floating around and @MoonMan5 my one from Santa Clara said label created a couple days ago but that’s it

  • @Highguy yea i just wondered if your medmama one was in pre shipment still thanks i aint worried just more like all these random spots now there shipping from

  • @Highguy Did your label move? Mine did but I guess I wont have a nice present for the weekend :heartbreak: . Tuesday is the day for some Headband :cookie:

  • @theunleet That’s funny you asked because I just noticed it moved and I came back on here to ask @MoonMan5 if his moved also

  • Bet they were swamped with orders. I hope headband makes me drool and stare at the wall or messes with my head. Could use that right now.

  • Probably so. I’m itching to try out the Duct tape

  • Damn, that’s not the duct tape order. Must be the Og kush

  • I have had more than 100 orders here and its always from a different place and a lot of different zipcodes when shipped from both shippers and all part of the process and all very normal.
    Remeber MedMan Always Delivers 100 + orders and have not lost a dime on anything.
    Now I have had issues from shipping to quality and wrong items but everytime I was taken care of 100% and then some.

  • @cmweems1964 good to hear, definitely settles nerves down when vets assure stuff is always taken care of, appreciate it

  • @Highguy @theunleet yep moved today as well lol

  • You new guys are so cute.

  • ^^^ I think us MM vets can appreciate what the staff must go through daily 😉

    I’d also think the shippers would want to mix up their drops to keep LEO guessing eh 🤷‍♂️

  • @Rockafire i wouldn't say im new im active and do reviews and all i only started a post to ask of diff locations THIS IS NOT A BASH OR COMPLAIN THREAD MY PACKAGE IS MOVING AND IS FINE PERIOD WAS ONLY CURIOUS OF THE SUDDEN SPOT CHANGE

  • What makes it worse is you stuck up members that get on here saying you new members are so cute or other negative crap like your some godly figure of intelligence and superiority undermining others bc we make threads or start questions ect get a life and stop making these forums so toxic for others to want to even say anything bc the next member feels the need to be negative to them. That gets old and tbh most of you negative ppl arent even active enough in the forum you get on once a week just to talk shit to people on there posts bc you have nothing better to do bc your angry with the world bc ur mom forgot to cut the crust off your sandwhich anyways im done ranting i just get sick of negative members downplaying others when they barely are ever on here to help or anything.... this site is a blessing and only thing it needs is a way to moderate toxic members with nothing better to do then troll bc they don't like a post

  • @Rockafire Not new, leave us alone.

  • Yea when i first started with medmama I was on pins and needles thinking it would be like other site and when i got my first order i was blown away it really worked and i had my stuff and i have been a loyal fan ever since.

  • @MoonMan5 what's your favorite bud here?

  • @MikeyC flower so far was the mac and concentrates so far has been that gmo cookie shatter and fire og wax whats urs

  • Mac from who and which batch?

  • @MikeyC the batch from loud last time not the recent time also fruit loops was pretty good and that poundcake

  • I really liked the fruit loops

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