Greenhouse Skywalker og

I just confirm my order on an oz of green house skywalker wasn't initial choice I was tried to get hold of outdoor og kush, the ghost o.g didnt do it for me I wanted to be putted down if that makes sense medically smok wise. But I'm back in the waiting room...I'm a patient needing greenhouse Skywalker to be the best I've ever had in life high wise. P.s I never had this strain I'm referring too on this post Skywalker OG


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    Something tell me this might be the strain that I dream for I'm trying to get baked then doggie over something maybe food or an workout or sleep. Looking for that potent strain thats really worth buying multiple ounces of.

  • We just finished our first bowl of the Greenhouse Skywalker OG that came today. Started a little earlier than planned and now we're really stoned! Skywalker OG has always been one of my favorite strains for sleep and this batch seems to be up to the task. For me, there's a really heavy, almost numbing body high. Mentally, it's just so relaxing! Overall, I find it really sedating and exactly the kind of sleep medicine I was looking for. I'm really happy with it and I'd order more if I hadn't just received some Royal Kush yesterday! Both seem to be winners!

  • Yes yeah that's what im talking about actually being baked off an strain without having to over medicate thanks @TheProfessor for sharing your experience with Skywalker Skywalker OG

  • An buddy of mine say one of his friends got so lifted on Skywalker before when they chill smoke and all of sudden he said his friend freakout and shited his self and the immediate surrounding on way to bathroom left an trail from the front door all the way down the hall then when he got there to bathroom he didnt do nothing he sneak out without cleaning in the rest is history just an story of an pal of mines I don't know for sure. But I do what too be something like that lifted where I still awake and enjoying effects from an high thc

  • Man that gave me a good laugh 😂

  • LMAO!!!!

    @MigraineWarrior79 - too much, too much :lol:


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    Thank you, thank you

  • Best skywalker batch in ages. Woke up with a burn hole in my bed and half a cig just chilled on me

  • Just had to resort to some local dealer weed yuck.
    I'm glad have medicineman to venture arround in shop

  • Local dealers are great when they purchase from medicine man... The ole smoke for free play

  • ah yea my old guy hits me up from time to time for some primo hes all old school and does not trust the mail!!!

  • So far Skywalker O.G has the answer its literally the best strain I have gotten I love it
    Sticky potent and smell is pine and sweets with herbal earthy woody taste.

    Not quite ready to try in pinpoint effects as I'm just enjoying this batch not trying to push its limits yet

  • Potency
    I'm hornier than a mountain man coming down off a giraffe cheetah,

  • One of my favorite strains but last time I got from Med Mama I didn’t like it too much. Maybe my THC taste has evolved

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    This batch of Skywalker OG is pretty good, but we’re finding that it’s not as hard hitting as the last oz from around spring (which we still have a couple of bowls). It’s also one of my favorite strains. Having both the Royal Kush and Skywalker OG, the RK definitely hits harder and has become my “go to” at bedtime along with the last order of Blackberry Kush.

  • Yes it's not hard hitting as anticipated like every other stain but it does make me arouse like no other strain has which I really wasnt looking for that feel but it's cool I was and still trying to get baked

  • @MigraineWarrior79 that is truly interesting! I have three feline family members myself!

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    I have one, and this ^ above isn't her, haha
    This is just a silly meme I stole somewhere that made me lol in real life! 😂

  • Greenhouse is like the smalls ounces that be on sale

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