Holiday sale

When is the holiday sale will there be Black Friday Cyber Monday deals or an all around holiday discount like 20 off or buy 1 get 1 half off I don't know haven't seen it yet.


  • Last yr was 20% off not sure of dates but i belive it started right after thanksgiving

  • Anything this year will be a great help and a big gift. Thank you MM & all packers and shippers.

  • @Bruno last year I think they did 2, 1 before Thanksgiving and another around Christmas

  • I know earlier this yr they gave an awesome price drop on everything which we’re still enjoying..hey who knows?! Won’t hurt my feelings a bit 😎

  • Oh boy, I better start saving now if they do have holiday sales!

  • I’ll borrow if they have another sale......

  • If they have a sale on top of the lowered price already I will probably be broke very soon lol

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