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I'm hoping this one can be an open discussion where I can rant about some strains or experiences or purchased plus advice conversations story's everything.


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    What I enjoyed about having access to be in position to collect is some strains really do be top shelf.

    Where if you was an beginner nickle dime dub smoker you would grow hate for weed immediately from buying from an street dealer due to bad experience during process buying may be an cost of 20 an gram or 15
    10 an gram if your lucky to get mid feel on streets
    due to the cost which will be fading every thought especially if doubt so therefore I will not buy 1 gram off the streets or any because more than likely it's not right shorted or bad quality, both bad quality in short is the case where I'm at

  • Buying from people who doesn't look at marijuana as a quick rich scheme is the people I want to know.

  • People who doesnt look at marijuana as a scheme is the type people I want to know

  • I gotta be honest with you @Bruno, I don't have a freaking clue what you are talking about or are trying to convey. Sorry, just being honest with you pal.

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    @Rockafire you stay randomly every now and again getting on ppls stuff to always be negative... like why even reply let the man be

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    @Bruno i guarantee street vendors have cheaper price and better bud, been buying bud since i was 16yrs old and I spent over 18k since July on I got the cash app transaction to prove it. I gotta say bud is good but I get better consistency and quality bud out here in Houston some of the best bud I'd reckon! . Never issues with mystery package bud , never dry, never takes more then a week if i was to order bud from out of town plugs that still stay in Texas. sometimes sealed white runtz 3.5g pouches...3.5 cookie brand sealed pouches.....all legitimate from cali no clones. Really a legend in my area you ask for batman pretty sure somebody can appoint you to me :)
    Somebody should create a forum that shows off well endowed street vendors product just for the FUN OF IT

  • Even though I love this site to death

  • Shit definitely ain't no quality in my area equal to what I been getting here and had some friends second and third that sentiment recently🤣 got people tryna hustle mids and reggie for 20 a g, friggin sad scene so I was definitely grateful for being pointed in this direction

  • 18k holy shit someone needs to take away your phone

  • Well, he's a legend in his area, just ask around. :wink:

  • I'm short 10 dollars I'm trying to see if I can get they to look out for me I have to have ounce

  • 1🤣 maaaan yo y'all killin me, yo medman lemme hold on to bag for ya 🙄🤣💀

  • Picture me like an elderly uncle that's stay outta town but been there and done it and love its meds.

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    I mean picture me as an brother or sister that's stay outta town and that we know each other we got a theme together an bond I'm just short on my end by a tiny margin ima known shopper I'm good for at atleast I love meds I been there and done it

  • Please keep me shopping @medboy
    I be loyal customer

  • Didnt expect to burn threw an ounce of Skywalker so quickly

  • @Rockafire L.M.A.O. I'm literally reading and re-reading dude's post trying to make sense of all this 😄
    What are you talking about @Bruno ? lol.
    I think kids get on here from google searching we all know what. And they and just start cuttin up like no one will read it. 🤷‍♀️

  • I like this site for many reasons. The prices are a bit higher than what you'd see in a dispensary, but for most of us legal meds are not available.

    Like me, I can go to Colorado and get some great Kind, but the cost of gas added to the cost of the meds equal the costs of ordering here. So... here I am. And, I am not sweating crossing state lines with a mostly harmless plant by ordering here.

    It's Monday morning and I have to mow the yard today. Time to wake-n-bake.

  • Greenhouse is alike the smalls ounces that be on sale

  • @justaguy I’ve pretty much experienced the opposite here. I have a medical card (which I must say, being legal does give peace of mind), but the cost of medicine here is outrageous. A 1/2oz at the dispensary can go $180-220. I like the flexibility of just running to the dispensary, but because it’s so darn costly, I still purchase most of my cannabis here.

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