Hows the loud orders

Whats up fam i normally order from medmama but saw that loud had some great concentrates on order but i was wondering hows the shipping and orders are there problems or is it smooth all caught up


  • I’ve only ordered flower from loud. Only good experiences. About seven day turnaround and great quality. Ordered MAC, ATF, and fruit loops.

  • @MoonMan5 even though I swore wouldn’t order from loud because shipping takes so long, I couldn’t pass up those concentrates and the bud they put up. I ordered two grams of the London pound cake and half of cotton candy kush bud. I’m currently waiting on a reship, from them, for a lost package, from three weeks ago. Hoping this time goes a little smoother. Also ordered some refills from medmama. I saw you ordered the silver haze one. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’ve liked all the refills I have gotten. Right now I have the blueberry Afghani goo I’m smoking and I really like it. Just ordered the Dosi mangos tonight. Have cantaloupe haze on the way also from an order I placed few days ago with some of the gelato bud medmama has up.

  • The fastest shipping times and best quality between the two shippers go back and forth. The best bet is to never say "I'll only or I'll never" because that limits your choices in half. It may be true for a few months but then it goes right back the other way. All of the long time customers would probably agree with me.

  • @Sixwaychili . Yes it goes back and forth over time. Between mama and loud. Last orders of mama loud mama took 7 8 and 5 days respectively. Used to be mama for sats loud for indicas but now they both have both regularly. Pick what you want. Medman will always deliver. 😂 .

  • Yep i third that i have flipped back and forth so many times and sometimes so much and such a hard choice between the two. Once you trust the system then the choice becomes even harder.

  • If you've been purchasing here long enough you know that both shippers consistently deliver quality product at a decent price. Every business has it's hiccups, and let's face it, this is certainly no normal business, but Medicineman always delivers. I shop for products and strains and don't pay much attention to shippers (unproven 3rd shippers excluded).

  • @Rubygirl816 yes i did finally pull the trigger on some vapes im hoping they are nice and hard hitting and not weak thats my only worry bc im such a heavy smoker..... and how have you like all the ones you tried so GLAD your lost package is on track im super excited to hear about the concentrates u get

  • Louds orders have been on point for me. May Hermes bless them.

  • Bout to grab a half of concrete shoes and la cheese. And I’m waiting on a full banana punch and a full venom og

  • yeah so my experience with Loud has been MOSTLY with just flower. and I would say.. more than 90-95% of the time i've been beyond satisfied. I fkn love Loud man. I haven't got alot of concentrates but what I have gotten, has also been really really good. I have had the Chemdawg shatter twice, and also MAC and Dolato shatters. All 3 really, really good .

    excited to see reviews of what everyone's getting :D

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