Gorilla glue 4

Gorilla glue 4
I scrap up too get this ounce meaning I had to go in too budget next week I'll be back on budget where I will have a a chance to get another oz,
So this gorilla glue#4 is outdoor I'm waiting to receive it I share more comments below



  • I been reading about this strain, It say to be strong and high thc content

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    There's always a patient in the waiting room, you can assume, you probably missed it though

  • I’m waiting on this too today or tomorrow

  • GG4 is one of my fav’s..the outdoor looked excellent! Looking forward to the review..

  • It’s one of my favorites

  • Yeah interested for review as well, part the reason wanted the Godzilla was because of its lineage with gg4

  • All LiL Boys and Lil Girls get outta the room. That's how Gorillas glue is, I haven't even smoke nothing this potent yet I haven't even finish blunt a little bit over half an blunt I'm writing a review already
    It smells like an gorrila that has glue an adhesive smell but it's good I give more thoughts on it later
    It's the best though I'm buzz right now but I'm also under the weather a bit.

  • The scent on this one is crazy loud so far you know the smell dies down when you get used to it

  • Awesome mine should be in tomorrow I can’t wait

  • Checked mine out in the vac bag, a little leafy but looks super dank and full of amber trichs. Im excited about this one I have a feeling its going to be really strong, gonna smoke it a little later. Ill post some pics of my batch

  • Ok I tried it and even being stoned already. I think I can say its damn near premium, props to the grower. Its not often you see this level quality of outdoor without supplemental lighting. https://ibb.co/jr5GtvN

  • @GanjaLion Nice! Thank you for the pic. Stuff looks potent.

  • Awesome I’m super excited to get mine

  • @ChunksEggo8187 my pleasure! smell is very potent too, smells strong like rubber then when you break it up its a little citrusy. That rubber taste really lingers on the exhale too, really terpy. Blown away on this one

  • @GanjaLion hell yeah! So happy you got some premium stuff. I've had some great hydro, indoor, etc, but nothing beats an outdoor grow with a skilled grower.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 Appreciate it and definitely agree. Outdoor under superb conditions is top notch

  • Opened my package with outdoor gg4 and can I say wow! I agree that its potent. I love premo outdoor!

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    So glad this came back on @LoudnCo’s menu..was hesitant first time around until these reviews came in. 😎

  • I got my gg4 and a freebie joint of duct tape very pleased 😁

  • Delivery was ten day from order to deliver could have been quicker but Usps is slacking bad holding packages for days before sending them to their next destination

  • @Bayoubud87 they all had to look at it

  • A real OG smoker review. Glad I got 2 os of it. Not as strong as I have had before but the smell is nice, piney, subtle. Buds a little straggley looking, even for outdoor. Taste really nice out of the vaporizer. You can still function after a doob, 2 might put you down. Good cure. But I think its sold out. ****

  • What I recieved was a couple of oz's of small to medium sized buds that are highly frosted with a great GG#4 "gassy great smell " and it kicked our senses into overdrive The bud's are tight and frosty it's a great deal on a great strain of weed.I definitely glad to see this hit the board and my brain Being a grower with a lot of experience with this strain. These are nice but not exceptional buds I like to give mother nature some credit barring a downpours or windstorms she can do the amazing things, a lot t better than this. Not super strong or pretty but a good smoke at an exceptional price. 🦍🤪👍

  • I went with duct tape and blueberry muffins

  • I made rosin out of the gg4 and it yielded more oil than my premium purple punch. Its primo quality

  • Received my Gorilla Glue and cotton candy kush and hubby and I loved them both. Also received the London Pound Cake wax. LOVE the taste, very nice relaxing high. I could feel every bit of tension melt right out of my body, good stuff! If I hadn’t ordered already today, I would have gotten more of it. I did order sunset sherbert was from Medmama, looking forward to receiving that.

  • @Rubygirl816 I am so happy you are loving it! I am even happier that you actually got it! I am so sorry about your shipping woes! Hopefully this package will make them melt away! :wink:

  • @LoudnCo thanks so so much! The shipping woes long forgotten now 😊

  • Received my GG4 on a Sunday! Nice surprise..been hitting it all day..it’s awesome all around for the price..saw it came back and left again..if it comes back @LoudnCo ill grab more..great find!

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