The most packages at once

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Lol so canna fam funny question whats the most packages you had at once hit the destination facility at same time don't ask me how but both medmama orders diff packages are set for tomm and another from a diff site lol how many have yall ever had show up same time say day or whatever just a fun question im so excited lol and why exactly do you think they dont offer priority shipping on here yet is it unsafe


  • I’ve only had two delivered at once so far. I am breaking record tomorrow for my deliveries. My package was shipped Tuesday and will be out for delivery today!! TWO DAYS, unheard of right @MoonMan5

  • I had a zip and Sherlock pipe out for delivery at the same time. Just a mild case of paranoia. Everything was fine.

  • @MoonMan5 2 day turnaround shit thats a fire shipping turnaround ill be giving lots of reviews today lol

  • @StonedNinjaHippie the ol Sherlock pipe use to be my go to

  • Hahaha I had 3 drop this past Saturday when family was over! Heavenly smells permeated the air! No hiding what was in those packages!

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    Two packages, maybe a year and a half ago? Each contained two ounces of the same strain.
    I had only ordered one!

  • @Reshi that didnt make u nervous

  • @MoonMan5 I was a little more nervous when they saw my stash! LOL thought they might want to try an intervention on me after all that! Gotta think more on storage options and minimizing “stench” factor. Only smelled after I cut into all wrapping in case that was on your mind. It truly felt like Christmas though opening all my goodies! And love reading return address info. Some are pretty funny, 🥳 or maybe I need to get out more often - apparently I’m easily entertained LOL

  • Am I the only one that burns all the shipping garbage right after opening?? Lmao

  • I got one from a dance company recently lol and I've been poppin and locking every since🤣

  • Two packages showed up on my door step yesterday. Each contained the same products: taj mahal mushrooms, mushroom candy, freebie bud sample. I only ordered one! I let Med Boy know because I felt guilty. He told me to "enjoy!" Love this site and the customer service.

  • Wow @customeraccount173 , how lucky are you!

  • @StonedNinjaHippie Haha I was wondering if anyone else took precautionary measures with their packages, I cut out all of the barcodes and serial numbers, and anything with codes or numbers really, and then my name/address of course, and then throw in all the Mylar and send it to the dump. I just get paranoid knowing there’s a bag with cannabis remnants sitting inside a box with my name it lol

  • Anyone getting any double notifications after you pay for your order? And I’m also wondering if I’m getting double amount for Half Off???

  • It's been happening for a while @akuqpetluska I've gotten multiple duplicate emails but order went through like supposed to

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