Diff between purple punches

Ok noticed medmama had a greenhouse and premium purple punch up whats the diff what would you go with and would you add triple chocolate or blueberry og


  • I went with the papaya punch just because I recently had the purple punch. I loved the chocolate chip and so did a lot of others. I also saw somebody say the blueberry OG was pretty good. I was going to get the blueberry og but then loud put all those outdoor up and ended up getting the BlackBerry OG and mendo breath.

  • @Rubygirl816 i bought a qtr of triple c blueberry and said why not a qtr of purple punch lol

  • Why not 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol @MoonMan5

  • Hey @MoonMan5 did you get the purple punch from mama yet?

  • I want to order the shatter you got and want to add some bud to it but not sure what to get. Afraid going to get subbed cause those that are up have been there a while now

  • @Rubygirl816 yes i did premium it was good i enjoyed it dear

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