Taj mahal review

Im not great at review's but i took a 3 gram drop of taj Mahal and began to feel that sensation as if the bodys pores are opening up breathing to start what is a epic journey in which i put on a favorite day time movie that keeps my spirits focused happy and in good mindset till im over whelmed by many feelings emotions wondering in and out of my ears my eyes wondered following the trails while i intently thougjton subjects that mess with me in my life overall shrooms can leave u questioning i guess who u are and whats life for us idk hard to explain but i will say this i enjoyed them wont jump into it again for awhile though


  • I’ve been trying to dodge them thus far. Try to stay off that tab on the page. lmao

  • @StonedNinjaHippie loli tried to but just couldnt do it any longer lol

  • @MoonMan5 it’s temping but I really don’t need to get that far out these days🧐

  • I'm of the mind that psilocybin brings me closer to normal.

  • @georgetirebiter i think bc im older now and ive been super stressed out just idk wasnt wat i needed atm but very good

  • I agree with you tirebiter

  • Man, I started sipping my tea at about 9am, and am still in the clouds.. these shrooms r insane!

  • I found these to be great as well. I'm so glad Medman started carrying this awesome medicine. The verdict seems to be in, the Taj Mahals are potent and very therapeutic. I laughed, I cried, and had a very good peak with an amazing come down/afterglow. Well worth the money.

  • I just haven't done em in awhile

  • I’ve haven’t done em in a while till 12 today and I’ll go ahead and tell y’all, 5g will light that ass up! I can’t even really type right now but I will say these are the best shrooms I’ve ever ate. It comes and goes in waves! It’s unbelievable and I’ll leave it at that til I can see to type😂

  • @WDEgkj wow! After eating that 4.2 I can’t even Imagine going higher like you did lol 5 grams of these shrooms eaten all at once is a true hero dose. Hats off to you sir

  • If they're that strong, as long as it's been since I last took any, yalld be having to pull me in off the ledge before I tried taking off🤣

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    I couldn't even do anything with on my phone when I was peaking off of 2.5. People were messaging me, and I kept trying to switch songs and other things, but the letters and numbers on my keyboard would start melting before I eventually would give up and end up laying down and melting into my couch 🤣.

  • 8hrs later and I’m back to normal and yes it was very hard to even look at my phone and type anything. @Highguy if I woulda been by myself, no doubt I woulda had extreme emotions! We ate another g about 4hrs after the 5 and really wasted it. It was very intense but I loved every second of it. I’ve never had any that would make me feel like I done a 8 ball of coke then be just laying there! It was like some really strong mdma is the best way I can describe it. Next time there’s no hero dosing lol! If it’s your first time, I would say 2-3g and go from there. There’s no crash, or wasn’t for me and the person with me. It was gradual. Overall A fukn plus for sure!!

  • They were good. Very euphoric almost an mdma type feeling with trails and laughs and in depth convo. Listen to Allan watts with trippy background music. It’s on Spotify just search Allan watts. Blow your mind away. Anyway anyone notice any faster mail? Hoping my Frankenstein or zkittles Kief comes

  • @jparkerj72485 thats exactly how I described it and yes I ordered mine around midnight Thursday and they was here Monday. Super fast shipping. Mines always been around 5 days. Never more than 7

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