Is usps struggling that bad?

Not stuff from this site but my usual sports collection sites or things i buy are extremely late like 5 6 days past delivery anyone else order online from stores notice how bad it is


  • Yea, bro, one of my Christmas gifts I ordered in the beginning of the month has yet to make it to me.
    Thankfully, the person it's for is completely understanding.

  • Use your search engine of choice to look up "USPS delays", it's pretty bad.

  • @MoonMan5 USPS is just getting worse. I have orders from other things that have been stuck in multiple places that should have been delivered over 9 days ago. Def felt awkward on xmas not being able to gift loved ones.

  • @medboy yea most are about peoples delays on here im.talking about more you know ebay etc lol and @rasta0458 yea its crazy i had sports cards ordered on the 15th 16th and still not here then other stuff not here crazy ive never had this

  • @MoonMan5 I have orders from big box stores from first of month still missing. From all directions in the US. Hell the only thing that got to me in a timely manner was my outlet New balances from Canada. Them Canadians got it together.

  • What is so difficult for a government run agency to do is to scale up by about 300% for the holidays and then scale back down afterwards. While hiring seasonal workers is mostly the answer, there are a lot of other logistical things to think about like just having enough room and equipment. Add on top of that, they got about 40% more packages to deliver over the 2019 holidays.

    Plus, they really don't have much incentive to give incredible service since they're government run so they know they'll always be there and always get bailed out no matter how bad it gets.

    Meanwhile, very little problems with UPS and Fed Ex in comparison. I just had a laptop delivered in a UHaul truck by Fed Ex last week.

  • I got my order from the 3rd on the 26th.23 days from ordering it's USPS the packages are being delivered.

  • 18 days from order to today’s delivery from PNW. They’re unclogging the mail toilets but looks like they may still be pretty clogged 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ive got the day 9 jitters 🥵 hope my 🔺comes soon!

  • For all the slow orders I’m got notified my @medmama order will be delivered today that I placed on 12/26! 😲 I’m in southeast Texas. 4 days y’all! Yalls mail must be really screwed up 😔

  • @cancerwarrior Hey fellow Texan! I was normally 4-5 days door to door to north Texas but lately it's been 10 days plus...

  • Im on day 11 🙁

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