Any one order on the 30th

Heey fam happy new year just seeing if theres any fellow orderers lol that ordered the 30th from medmama im waiting on a label was just hoping i didnt place one at a bad time but on the other hand ill be doing a bunch of reviews in a lil bit of louds stuff thanks yall



  • I wasnt concerned i hadnt seen a label yet i was more just asking if anyone stocked up was all i guess im the only guy for the 30th score

  • I grabbed something on the 28 @MoonMan5. The label was made the 30 and it’s still sitting in preship. I’m hoping it’s because of the holiday they didn’t want to drop boxes off and just let them sit, and it’s going out today!

  • I ordered on the 31, to be honest I don’t think we will see any move until tomorrow or Monday.

  • I did on the 28th and still nothing on informed delivery

  • I ordered on the 28th and got a label late last night

  • @mpou10 did ur label show we seem to always match orders lol

  • 20th, still waiting...🙁

  • 21st and same @Joha. I don't have ID at my apartment which sometimes is a good thing because I know it's not reliable and so I'm not obsessing over it like I know I would, but I wish I had it right now. Sheesh lol. First time I've been 100% out of bud in over a year.

  • @MoonMan5 I haven’t seeing anything yet. But with the holiday I will not expect a notification at least until Monday.

  • @mpou10 same here keep me posted if u get one plz

  • @MoonMan5 i most definitely will! Let me know if you get a label made.

  • Just put in another order for zookies still nothing on ID for the order I put in last week

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    Delivery date Tuesday Jan 5th,2021.Label created 12/30/2020

  • @MoonMan5 i just got notification of Label Created.... Let’s see what happens next.

  • @mpou10 was it morgan hill ca or where did urs show from

  • Morgan hill ca @MoonMan5 , never saw that one yet

  • Let's not discuss the location of shippers please. Thanks!

  • @medboy I was wondering when you guys was going to call that out. Be safe guys.

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    @medboy im deff not the first ever person to do that but sure thats fair enough ruling delete it if it bothered u but then u should go thru the whole forum take down all label comments or location comments but i assure you it wasnt meant to jeopardize any security but if this is ur first post u decided to see this and say that then i guess im the lucky example NO MORE ASKING ABOUT LABEL LOCATIONS

  • @mpou10 i didnt see ur comment as it was deleted but no worries im thinking u were just answering my question ty bro

  • @MoonMan5 if you want to say Ohio or Texas as an educated guess, that's fine, I just don't want to see specific cities mentioned even if they're incorrect.

  • Sorry guys, didn’t know. Delete it if it’s a problem

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    I was coming to say my order from Friday is being delivered tomorrow, take care all

  • @medboy my bad truly wasnt meant to offend you just never seen a certain location couldnt figure out if it was med jane or mama i apologize bro beans

  • @MoonMan5 you and I have talked about labels and locations before, it was a honest mistake, being nothing was ever said before. I guess now we know. Instead of waiting for medboy to “call it out” maybe people could have said something, are we in high school. Again, take care all

  • @Rubygirl816 i agree 100% with you we didnt know and me and you contribute enough to say we didnt really kno it was against rules but now we do and yes i wish maybe someine could of said something far b4 this but ypu kno how it goes sometimes people like giving there two cents when its to late

  • @Rubygirl816 what did u order thats a fast turnaround

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    I ordered purple kush and the lava fuel I think it was on the 28th. The order from Friday had a label printed last night. That’s the zookies 🤞🏻 hoping it comes quick too @MoonMan5

  • I made a mistake @MoonMan5, the order coming tomorrow is not from this past Friday, I’m sorry

  • Havent smoked in a couple days so I’m on edge, lol

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