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@medicineman I just wanted to say I’m loving what you guys did with the site! I noticed more descriptive details for the strains! Not only that but my replacement order I received was fire! The free joint of Greenhouse IGK was super fire!! I was literally in outer space with the planets 🪐 lol 😂 Much props!


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    @Moochy i couldn’t agree more..also received a sample of the IGK and it took me to the moon too..considering ordering some while it’s still up

  • @superman38NC yea I was very surprised because I always said “greenhouse and outdoor strains are inferior in quality”. I always just brought premium to get a good high. Now I realized I been very much sleeping on greenhouse. Still don’t know about their outdoor but greenhouse is new on my list lol

  • @Moochy hell I prefer a good outdoor, it depends on the three G's the genetics the grower and the God's .when all are perfect, I would rather have nothing more than a gregarious outdoor garden grow. So many thanks to both shippers for giving us these wondrous strains #Purple Kush #Jager please keep em coming. 🔥💨💚

  • Had some banging outdoor from here, always a crap shoot sometimes the outdoor just as good as premium but definitely not always, also had outdoor that was similar to mids just takes some research and a bit of luck like playing the ponies lol

  • I have had several outdoor from mamma n ALL are great so far. Few more ordered. Boveda paks are great. It snowed pretty good today n I got day off work. Started out with one of my personal favorites OG kush. @MNTDWLER the three G's...that is fact. Simple but yet technique n patience needed wen gardening herbs. Always was told "it wants to grow, let it. " very true words also. I also wanted to thank you for caring n ur kind words at a bad time. U seem to have alot of wisdom to share. I agree @Vapedad78 n thx

  • @Lou_lew Is that the MedMama OG Kush? How is it?

  • It's great. It was lil dryer but not bad. Boveda perfect. It sold out. I will be looking for it again. Kind of surprised it stayed this long. The Purple Kush sold out fast. This OG kush is a really nice high like PK but not purple. I wud love to see a indoor or premium. But that outdoor price is nice. I have gotten several outdoor strains. Its among my favorites.

  • yeah ive been meaning to get on here and give props to @medboy and @medmama for getting my reship out so quickly and great quality. Im quick to bitch and slow to compliment! My bad. Also im gonna need that bitcoin back, l dont have enough of those. lol

  • Glad I could help!

  • Ooooh, I have a IGK freebie joint that I haven't tried yet. Excited now...

  • @Sixwaychili oh your in for a treat! Feel free to share your experience! I would love to know how it treated you! It sure treated me pretty good! Lmao 🤣

  • So the igk is good, huh?

  • @TreesPlz I also got a freebie joint of IGK and both hubby and I LOVED it.

  • I really like it, @Rubygirl816

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