Been a minute

So i got to say i love louds shatter crc and everything more in there concentrates so all props pineapple upside down cake rude boi kush much more I'm so thankful for the quality medmama yall got to step it up i don't complain but u shorted me 4gs then reship only 2gs of non premium wax so I'm missing 2gs plus subbing with non premium get on these forums instead of making us complain to medboy and he trys to fix it just 4 u to screw it up again lmao nice all good just saying loudnco yall are on fire and truly care idk bout this other stuff lol i wish @medmama yall really have slid off please come back


  • I agree Louds concentrates are fantastic. I've got some shatter from medmama a few months back. Took 2 dabs and said "this sucks" haven't touched it since. Medmama's other products are great.

  • @BCWESLEY i agree others are good but i feel like she has no care about the concentrates

  • I have 0 issues with medmamma flower, besides the one time I got some extra crispy flower and they fixed it. Have only ever order from MedMamma.

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    @MoonMan5 I totally agree with you on @LoudnCo concentrates recently pudc and rude Boi + black Jack wax all three wonderful. The strawnana diamonds left me wanting. As for any problems they were taken care of. Thanks for the meds up and the heads up .

  • I have wanted to try diamonds but I don't mess with concentrates besides vape. Think I could mash it in some bud / kief and make a weird moonrock? Or line bits of it in a Joint? Obviously would be a bit of a waste but I'm willing to try!

  • @MoonMan5 I emailed you today explaining the issue, and it's being resolved. The forum will never be a place for anyone to call out a shipper for an error with an order.

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    @medboy i didnt mean it like that bc they have good stuff i just wish they read the forums so they can see whats good or meh was all if you feel this post is a bad way please take it down yes you have been helpful not your fault at all i wasn't calling her error out more like the quality has just been meh and when they sub its meh on concentrates and wish they showed more interest in the taste and stuff and descriptions for the waxes mostly was all again @medboy ive been here awhile so if u feel it crosses the line plz delete i mean nothing bad bc i live medmama the same any and all problems get fixed im not mad about the problem just the stuff i got

  • Yes again anyone who see this medmama does have good stuff and any problems ive ever had medboy fixed it im a concentrate guy so when ur trees fail u it hurts same with the concentrates is all love yall fam

  • no problem brother.. i knew what you meant. @MoonMan5 ppl are sensitive sometimes too, tho. . so whereas usually i would speak my mind pretty much exactly like you did, now i basically do the same thing but i try to be a little subtle about it . i will leave the more harsh comments for my email to @medboy :D (lol jk i love MB he's been nothin but good to me on the few occasions i've had an issue. i do still wonder bout that phantom pkg that never got delivered tho)

    i dont know at what point it happened but sometime in about the past 3 months i started to get much less likely to speak my mind (fully) on here, esp. when it comes to errors or whatever. but yeah don't worry bout it man i think it came from a good place on your part. i've learned that all the shippers go thru cycles.. i dont think it means they dont care or whatever but that being said i DO really appreciate @LoudnCo for the interactivity and i do think it really helps .

    anyways, not sure i even needed to chime thru here, but i did. what can ya do.

    i'm bout to spark up some girlscout cookies and maybe a little of this old chemdawg from loud. loved the slightly fruity profile on that batch of indoor chem. (i think it was about 2 batches ago, maybe 2 months ago)

    have a great evening medfam

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    Thanks @v32Finish you know i stay as positive as i can

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