E banger settings

Anyone own a electric e quartz banger and if so what do you keep your settings at for a 25mm banger i currently use 465f but that seems to low any ideas im using the high five e banger


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    @v32Finish @MigraineWarrior79 @Zackarrry @Vapedad78 @georgetirebiter @Rubygirl816 @MNTDWLER even @medboy any many more have any of you knowlegble people used a equartz banger if so look above i need help it keeps leaving a lil behind but if i turn it up it seems to burn instant lol sorry

  • Sorry bro, if I had any knowledge on this I'd be happy to help!

  • Sorry my friend I can't help. 🙁

  • @MoonMan5 465 is low. You should have it around 550 to 575. Some like it a little on the warmer side for faster results, where others like that slow and low. The best temp range also depends on what you are dabbing. Wax and other materials prefer a little less heat. Where THCA (aka diamonds) (aka sauce) likes a little more heat.

  • @LifeLong14 ok so try around 550f you think i mainly use wax or shatter i felt like 460 was low just never used a e banger so i find trial and error to be tough lol ty for the advice ill try it out

  • @MoonMan5 👍🏾

  • Sorry can't help, when in domicile I reach for either seahorse pro electric nectar collector or yocan regen both with pre sets, always Chazz my friggin quartz with torch lol so rarely use banger and my buddy just gets his red hot and waits a sec but think his glass is higher quality than mine

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