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Hello its me Bruno I decided to share my thoughts on what I think about flower strains that I love with honesty



  • I ordered 14 g of Og Kush

    • 14 grams of Zookies that im awaiting in i expect to receive this Thursday that im excited haven't smoke a blunt fill with good medicine in a while excited to have it on way
      Ordered Saturday afternoon last week its now a new week in today is Thursday
  • I have been smoking cbd flower delta 8 which is extremely nasty taste wise, the smell of the delta 8 thc smell like vingar mix with other adhesives that I tried to go clean for a while in couldn't take it no longer had to get the real deal

  • So if you could, Write what you think about a product
    Lets try not to write much about our packages dates and arrival times for that our packages must come if we order it
    My thing is when I was on a streak of smoking I had caught the attention of ongoing neighbors that my home was burglarized when I wasnt home cause I dont l share my medicine

  • My neighbors have no idea I smoke. I would hate to be burglarized over my herbal medicine :( , sorry that happened to you Bruno.

    I had the OG Kush from mama a couple weeks ago.... Definitely A+ on taste, smell, high. Would order again in smaller quantity, the effects went downhill slowly as I finished it all

  • I have had zookies both times it was on the menu, from mama @Bruno and just ordered a third zip of it. I LOVE it. The taste the high, everything about it. Let’s hope this batch is just as good!!

  • @Bruno

    Im very sorry you were robbed over your herbal medication! That truly is horrible. If you haven't already I'd suggest a home defense system with outside security cams. I have this with my own home, and it's fairly reasonable for the price.

    I've had the Blackberry Octane that's available. It's gorgeous, and yummy, and the high is great.

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    I received my package just like expected Thursday
    1oz O.G Kush, I just rolled me 2 blunts fill with about .8 each cigar
    I written this message before I smoke 🚬 to honor the packaging Medmama shipped in it was tremendously stealth proof unlike when I used to order it was only 2 bags total came in package this one had 4 total
    Which I like that no scent not even if the package was crush
    Medmama gonna be who i deal with on the site.
    However its a bit dry totally understand cause its outdoor never had O.G before it really is O.G original weed like when you touch the bud you gonna tell right away you gonna say this orginal cause how easy it break down no grinder needed so far no sticky then again i am writing this message before i smoke I write another message on how it makes me feel

  • Im only smoke marijuana flower so if I have some i might just burn allday in that sometimes attract people who wants some for themselves which I not a sharer or seller Everything alright when it comes to home just a little paranoia setted in back then I hate to accuse people of something without evident truth so no one broke into my home it was just a paranoia episode but I was on a streak though back then I was buying a ounce every week

  • Smelled to bags 2 bags after opening didnt smell once I put them aisde then smelled them again I could of smelled the O.G kush scent coming off the two bags the silver mylar one doesnt have the scent after re smelling it after opening it in sitting the bags aside definitely needed the extra bags

  • Keep in mind inside those drop boxes or inside the back of trucks be extremely hot so the product often sweat

  • Smoking now not even halfway through cigar in the effects is super calming like nothing I ever had before definitely gonna sit down while smoking this one O.G Kush so I safe so its definitely a couch locker
    Scent is super strong so strong that an Og kush user will definitely have an episode of paranoia

  • LOL thanks for your reviews @Bruno i'm always so intrigued to read your posts. gg man.

  • I like your reviews also. Good to see you back on the forum. Enjoy!

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    Too me its about that strain that so good that I don't want to smoke it but I have to smoke it cause it makes me feel better plus everything enhanced after a good smoke session with cannabis strain flower
    I want that flower that I can take a few tokes in put it out not because I have to because it's hitting so hard that all the effects are achvied
    Where I can watch a whole movie baked without having to keep lighting up or rolling up threwout the night

  • @Bruno you should try Breath Works from Loud very good potent flower

  • The premium icecream cake and premium wedding cake both kept me baked through two whole movies brother.

  • Its been 3 whole days no label yet
    If the Premium ice cream cake kush mints that i ordered is good
    I would order another premium oz the next day after initial first toke
    Im in the position where I can burn all day

  • @Bruno I'm in that same wonderful position of burning flower and time together. I'm waiting on Wedding Cake,Sunset Sherbert and Biscotti. The SS is 18 days out so I'm a little nervous on that one.

  • @MNTDWLER it seems like you ordered a ounce of 2 premium strains and 1 outdoor on the very same order, So instead of getting 1 box at 1 time you are getting 3 separate boxes at the same time within that same delivery, lol.
    I know what you thinking on this one buddy its all good. I wish my package comes I changed address so wondering would that effect my delivery process its been since Friday noon I placed and paid for my order after the confirmation came to my email your payment has be received I relax then the next day i lookout for informed delivery wasnt on today i look on informed delivery still not a label after 4 days not counting the day I made order
    I havent tracked my last package with informed delivery it was a oz of OG kush i order that 1 on a Saturday in got it Thursday 5 days

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    @Bruno yeah my problem go's back so many years,lack of patience. I tell myself I'm going to wait a few days then I think what's $5 so I placed another order. My thought process being if I wait "everything" across the board will be gone LMAO. It's a nice way of getting my meds though usually a day will separate strains. Giving me a chance to try them one at a time without temptation. I don't think my ordering process will make sense to anyone but me. Mostly it's my A.D.D that guides my spur of the moment purchase, I know I just ordered enough but in the back of my mind it's screaming "YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RUN OUT !" I will have to say I do enjoy my bi-weekly deliveries when coin permits.

  • @MNTDWLER i know what you mean, Ive also a hemp cbd user as well so if I ever get to low i head to one of them smoke shops that has 0.3 thc flower, So my main thing with buying flower is I want a indica or hybrid whatever strain on the menu is the most potent and has thc effects thats what I go for
    Im looking for this specific strain though its my favorite and I haven t even had it yet I read good reviews about it its called Girl Scout Cookies they say the thc levels top up to 27% average on them type strains
    But where im at is down south and they been condemning weed users cause back in the days people use to get hemp/marijuana and be intoxicated In don't know or remember what they did or done while under influenced of thc since then the media been adding they twist on it cause how its viewed to lawmakers is by big scenery presentations
    So aftet all that all them years The time has come.... The time had came where now they actually scientifically researching marijuana every second of a time threwout the entire worls.
    P.s at the end of the day I want mine's

  • @Bruno I'm down south too , so testify my brother we've been put'n up with this crap for 100 years.

  • Its something like this if one receives a freebie everyone should recovery a freebie example If ones gets caught for an ridiculous crime we all gets punish in some way shape or form thats why I say this personal, This personal now we all is on this imaginary bandwagon togeather called life only if we all could be on the same team my dear fellow brothers and sisters of the human race would grow to be better just as all of life

  • Problem is that after the high after the smoke is there and being burnt out what are you gonna want then in thats most likely betterment of something maybe home or an household order maybe food or luxury majority of users its for hopes of better health that they are rhythmly praying for
    therefore I don't really know what they thinks but this is what I think
    legalizing hemp worldwide or just leagalizing thc all 50 states in the united states
    Would be ideal this is what I think someone whos not a smoker thinks
    How can I support someone's prescription when I didn't provide the prescription nor do I need to be associated with such and such they kinda put it off limit's maybe to fulfill other needs now its everything else besides marijuana talked about
    All i know is I need

  • @Bruno So........ Did you lose the period key on your keyboard by chance xD................................................................................................ (Heres all the ones u forgot) That was a dyslexic persons nightmare to read. i.e. me.

    I just ordered some girl scout cookies kief from med jane. So if you want girl scout cookies, I think you may want to get some while its here! Kief is still flower and unprocessed. Just the crystals that fall off the bud.

  • Not trying to impress ever so knock it off.

  • @Indicas now im upset I had to read you commenting @Bruno

  • Girl Scout Cookies??? I love GSC. Once in a while a strain will come through with a GSC heritage, but I can't remember if/when I ever saw the actual GSC here.

  • @justaguy totally agree. would love to see a batch of some great GSC, Forum cut, etc.. so many great cookies cuts

  • I apologies for being rude on this thread please excuse me fellow member's
    I was extremely overzealous and anxious about the package cause I just moved plus I been buying 0.3 flower
    You know what indicas you are completely right, What you said in this thread about how I write so my apologies for getting upset at you atleast at I wrote I was upset,
    It just I wasn't expecting self criticism. lol.
    I will try to fix how I write and communicate messages out,
    I know yall like it proper and so do i.

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