Calling all shippers!

@medmama good evening. Just wanted to follow up on my order I placed with you on March 12. I already talked to medboy about it and he says “he don’t see it” if you guys have an email address I can screenshot you my inbox where it says “payment has been received” on that day. I think it’s a glitch in the system because lately this month only, I been getting two payment confirmed messages per order instead of just one like it usually does. I lost $89 on it, so if you guys can get back to me ASAP that would be most appreciated. Also today around 2:00pm-3:00pm I ordered some Layer Cake from you guys that also gave me two payment confirmed messages followed by another message saying “send the money” so that also needs to be checked on to make sure you guys got that order. I know you guys get plenty orders and some might not get seen by the naked eye like my order on March 12 but it’s because you guys have good stuff. Lol just get back to me please and thank you :)


  • I think medboy gets the orders and then sends to the shippers! Always screen shot the wallet address when it shows it on the site.then you can confirm payment was made on the blockchain

  • If I remember correctly you posted something saying you had placed an order and did not have enough funds, so you sent lesser amount and hoped it would go through and they would send you the product anyway. Well they dont even get notified if you dont pay the exact amount. So yeah you lost your money by shorting medman automated system ordering system. It only accepts orders when the BTC is EXACT amount.

    You should probably read the order page more clearly. So you would know how it works.

    It says this when you order "Note that paying less than this amount will result in your order being delayed so please pay the EXACT amount of bitcoin (i.e. don't sent what you think is the dollar amount in bitcoin...send the EXACT amount of bitcoins!)"

    1. What on the board is $89? This is have clearly stated in a previous post that you stay away from greenhouse/outdoor. Do you even remember?
    2. Coming on the forum & calling out shippers isn't right.

    @Indicas is right...this is user error.

  • Yes I had this happen to me once. I accidentally sent less, then sent the rest almost immediately to the same wallet, but the order still did not go through as it took the first, lesser amount only.

  • @Moochy the forums are not for customer support. Please write to medboy directly using the contact form on the site. be sure to include order information, in particular the bitcoin wallet address we gave you will help us to locate your order quickly.

  • @Moochy bro this is like the 5th time medman has told you that customer complaints need to be emailed to medboy and not discussed on this forum.
    I'm not trying to be rude but s%$& happens but they always correct it. Patience is a virtue. Keep your complaints off the forum and keep it in your emails.

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