Shorted but happy

I ordered 8 gs of mendo breath crc and got 4gs im sure it was a mix up as there was a billion orders but ooooh weeee that stuff is mind altering really good stuff and so tasty like out of all of louds crc hash that stuff is the best yes i hit up @medboy already not a bit worried for the short im super impressed with the hash @LoudnCo as far as the la kush mintz greenhouse from mama it was past my expextations 7/10 for sure cant wait to try cherry pie


  • @LoudnCo keep up the good crc plzzzz

  • @MoonMan5 sorry about that! We will get the other four out ASAP!

  • edited April 27

    @LoudnCo no no its ok i kno stuff happens i want to commend yall its really good stuff i hope to see more of crc this post is strictly appreciating your medicine i got ty loud if you have any recommendations on what strain is like that plz tell me

  • @LoudnCo I'll take his 4g since he doesn't want it 😁

  • Lmao @TreesPlz um i think i still want it i said no no wrong i was more trying to praise them

  • LOL @TreesPlz gave it the old college try...😁

  • Yea he did @Lola2012 lol

  • lol great thread. very feelgood. thanks!!! :D (i know what you mean bout the @LoudnCo recommendation tip, too- would love if i could get a solid recommendation for anything that's truly next level! ;) my recent fave from the past few months was the Fire Cookies.. really enjoyed that.

  • @MoonMan5 have you tried mom's hindu kush? I know it's not on.the board anymore but what flavor, true kush. The high hits fast and hard. One of my favorites, I hope it hits the board again soon. I really don't need it, I just got 8g's lol. Just seeing it up there just makes me feel better 😁

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