Anyone else try dream queen crumble

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I ordered dream queen wax crumble and got white powder or flakes not much of what i would think it would look like i mean this isnt a bash post just wondering did others get this and what should i do how do i even dab this or thicken it any input @Med Mama Helper


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    lol damn sorry to hear it brother.. hopefully it's good? maybe? maybe it'll melt when you dab it? idk brother lol that sucks

    i gotta remember to hit you up sometime soon .. had a question for ya the other day @MoonMan5

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    @v32Finish Its was bad just flakes of powder that if u can get it to dab its ok but its a pain in da ass not crumble but @medboy said he was gonna talk to shippers i mean it melts but its just powder i cant dab that but im not gonna complain like that i heard there was a way to make it form or thicker

  • I really enjoyed the Huckleberry diamonds but went back to shat this time but some the primo so really hoping worth the extra cake but looked and sounded amazing

  • The more i look and try to hit this stuff makes me even more pissed ugh @Med Mama Helper please tell me what to do with this crumble that is like flakes of powder how do i thicken it how do i use it it barely melts

  • @MoonMan5 that sucks the Huckleberry diamonds are white reminds me of baby power but thankfully stuck together and melted good but I just used stuff like you're talking about for bowl topper not dabbing I went back to Hindu shat for dabs and it's pretty good stuff

  • Shame. I've had iffy concentrates too often here. Switching vendors on that & making the trip

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