Granddaddy Purple by Loud & Co.

I've fallen down and I can't get up. Smooth, very good taste as good as Blackberry Octane we had a few weeks back. Buds are dense and thick 2 deep water bong hits with the last one giving you that head blast while you hold it before you let it go. wow It creeps a little, so if you think you need a third might want to hold off a few minutes. Thanks Loud, Great as always and thanks for the premium Happy Hour J and the gummy


  • Nice! Appreciate the review! 😎

  • I am enjoying my bit as well. Received a GG4 J. Hope to see a restock

  • Premium Grandaddy Purple - @LoudnCo

    I feel fortunate because this strain literally came back for 2 seconds before it was off the menu.
    For me, just the ultimate relaxer. Then it puts me to sleep. Love it!

  • I tried the Grandaddy Purple. Good buzz. Very good for sleep imo. Because it's good for sleep I'll probably buy more of this in the future. Banana Kush is also good for sleep as well.

  • Wow! @ChunksEggo8187 those are gorgeous buds. Great score for the quick 2nd return

  • Thanks for the reviews everyone and great pic's @ChunksEggo8187 WOW. I lost out on granddaddy. There one minute and gone the next. It breaks my heart it's on the same level as BlackBerry octane. I won't hesitate again I promise lol 💚💨🍀

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