Usps package seized by law enforcement (NOT FROM MEDICINEMAN)

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I need some advice finally had a package not from here but from a good friend a lil under a oz but it showed as seized by law enforcement it does not have my name on it well official name on it just wondering if anyone has had this or know if or what may happen even if my names not on it



  • I wish I had an answer for you, darlin
    I hope it all works out

  • Why is this here if it's from not from here? Everyone who doesn't click this assumes it's from here...

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    @MikeyC good point..reason I clicked on it. However I’ve had this happen(not from here either) so hopefully I can ease your mind @MoonMan5. More than likely you will receive a letter informing you of this from the USPS. Just stow it away and don’t respond. It basically says you have so many days to claim the package.

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    My 1st word of advice would be to invest in a keyboard with punctuation keys. Trying to read your posts give me a headache. Just sayin'. Good luck to your friend.

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    @MikeyC well bro i put it here bc most ppl here do what we all do and get green thru mail so maybe some ol heads would have advice but next time ill make sure to put in the headline it wasnt from here i mean ppl post worse shit than my question bro.... and @Rockafire bro you only get on here like always to talk down to me about my wording and i know medboy has told us both to leave the other alone so please man i dont bother u sorry my wording and punctuation isn't up to ur standard's

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    @medboy it seemed to offend @MikeyC my headline doesnt first say its not from here can we fix it so they dont get to upset or honestly just delete it plz bc you got members who will only want to say stupid crap to be heard so please u have my permission take my post down thanks so much meant no harm in my question

  • @superman38NC thanks for the advice man @MigraineWarrior79 ty dear @TreesPlz ty bro

  • @MoonMan5 that's why I barely get on here anymore drama drama drama

  • @MoonMan5 I think I would stop for awhile. The address you used will probably have a flag to watch closely. Just my humble opinion though.

  • @Zackarrry yea i see that way to much patrol who.think we still live in the hallway monitor days... i guess we know the ppl who raised there hand to be one lol karens everywhere

  • @Kayla yes i am no longer using mail at this moment as its not worth the risk ty for your nice comment

  • So if you live in a fly-over state as I do... your only concern should be when the postal worker has a BAD DAY....and puts your package in the WRONG BOX....Taking a little RISK
    for me has always been a good thing...Just limit that RISK to YOURSELF!

  • I would definitely lay low for a little bit . And if you order do small amounts like a q

  • Nvr no what the narcs are up too

  • We sent some items home while vacationing a couple of years ago. A Colorada postal inspector found our phone no. Called us. And we discussed. He wanted to know what it was, but we didn’t say. He was very nice. Apparently they keep it 30 days then open then destroy. That was it.

  • Thanks @leaf and @Tac and @Katy for the replies and good words

  • So far everything is going good nothing yet has occured or happened i will be using my po box for now on i appreciated all the ppl who answered accept the 2 karens that like to complain about headlines and what people put on here or punctuation bc were not like them lol but other than that thanks to the ones that keep this forum actually cool and spoke good or answered my worry

  • Good deal! @MoonMan5 There will always be those kinds of people. This is about the only forum I’m apart of anymore..I don’t even make comments on Facebook or social media..We live in a ‘critical’ time were many are on edge. 🙏🏻 for our country/world. I know there are a lot of good people still on here. Hope they stay around and others join. We can use all the positivity we can get off here.

  • @superman38NC i agree bro we need this group to open up again instead of the same ol ppl who think they run it bc they get on here all day everyday

  • I have to agree with @MikeyC . Your headline was initially alarming. I am glad it was edited for clarity. You speak about positivity but you are going on several threads calling people names. Where is your positiviy? Truly, I hope things work out for you.

  • This thread reminds me of the age old question:

    "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"

  • This kinda post dont need to be on this page. Freaked me out at first sight.

  • @medboy can you take this down please its scaring people its my post its cool to delete it and @Skholla no ive never called anyone names i think your mistaken i did say this group has alot of karen and hallway monitors but if you check my comments most the time im all positive bro but all good thanks bro

  • I agree with@moonman5

  • Sorry yall for freaking yall out we all ask advice on here this was a subject meant for advice not to stress yall out like dam relax ppl im always positive it was a question of advice from others who do the same thing i do so maybe someone had advice its all good sorry yall @medboy take this down please man its mine

  • More reviews less scare tactics please. What strains do you like these days from here?

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    I always do my reviews there was no scare tactics it was a question bc i wanted advice not long ago you were saying gummies tasted like robotussin i mean relax mikeyc

  • You just don't like feedback. If you learned to accept it you'd grow. Have a great weekend.

  • I dont see feedback i see you picking at my stuff bc you don't like it i asked for advice no diff than others like yourself asking stuff thanks man have a good weekend peace and live enjoy the ppv fights this weekend ufc

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