Always been a flower guy but with the amazing selection of vapes I was thinking of going that route. I typically smoke sativa or sativa leaning hybrids and save Indicas for bedtime. Any suggestions on what to order for the best quality , flavor etc. would be appreciated. I have heard that vape buzz doesn't last as long and isn't as strong but that just here say. Also, the @LoudnCo Pineapple upside down cake was a really excellent strain. The buds where medium sized green and loaded with red hairs. The taste was very nice , smooth and mildly citrus with a nice fruity smell. The buzz was a nice old school type of stoniness that works for doing errands or chilling watching old movies. I have had an long streak of getting awesome strains here both from @Medmama and Loud . Thanks....also if you buy 8 carts can you mix like flower?


  • I am currently vaping some Durban Poison. In my experience, I get a cough from vaping. Some say it is because of the terpines, others say I vape at too high a voltage. Well, I just got in a new battery, and it has a fixed voltage. Still get the cough, so maybe it is the terpines.

    There is no smell with it. And I can't tell you about taste since my taster is wrecked, but there is a flavor there that is not unpleasant.

    As for the buzz, yeah, I would tend to agree that the buzz doesn't last as long as flower, but then again, it is so very easy to simply push a button and take another hit to keep the buzz going.

    /my 2 cents

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    @justaguy maybe you should try a variable voltage and keep turning it down until you don't cough. I upgraded my battery and am much happier with it. I used to have the coughing issue with a fixed voltage.

    I vape for convenience. Doesn't smell and is discrete. I go back to flower all the time though.

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    I vape because it just feels right it's much easier on my lungs and honestly I don't like combustion nearly as much. I just came across this great little bubbler it works great on my pax3, dvt4 and my solo2. It'll work on any device with a 14mm or 18mm adapter. I found mine at devine tribe but I've also seen it on DHgate. It gives at super cool hit is easy to set down and works better than any of my other device specific bubbler's.

  • I had a tragedy a couple of days ago, I shattered my mini dab rig. Luckily I added glass protection when I got it. I have been looking for cheaper alternatives. I did come across this Klein Recycler on DHGATE the thing gets fantastic reviews and the price is great. Just scoping the web for something different. The price of a lot of glass has gotten out of control but China is stepping up their quality, and putting pressure on the market.

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