I have recently come across some fine organically grown dope from a local dude. I was shocked at how loaded the nugs were with crystals (tricomes). The nugs literally left a pile of kief on my dish. It was also twice a strong as most of the weed I get from MM even if it was premium.
Moreover, after 1/2 oz I still have yet to cough my guts out. Until I am convinced otherwise, I think much of our MM pot has significant pesticide residues. I am considering having some tested just to see if I am right.
I think greed has played a sad role in all of this. I am not accusing anyone, it's simply an opinion after comparing these organic nugs to ANYTHING from MM, and any other local purchases as well.
I recently ate 1.5 g of some MM dope. The next morning I felt like I was getting the flu. Now that isn't typical of cannabis for sure.
We are not really getting what we pay for since nearly every batch of conventional dope I get from local dealers or MM seems to have been completely cleaned of kief leaving a vacuumed nug in its wake.
I used to think that it was my lungs getting toasted but that is not true. Real pot isn't an irritant.
If this is true we are smoking far too much dangerous pesticide residues. This will ruin your health over time.
I think this is a dirty little secret of the industry and it's a terrible trend. If you are coughing every time you take a hit, then it's not your lungs.
I still love MM but I also love my health more. Can you folks leave the kief where it belongs, in the nuggets, and try to sell some clean organic?
Just trying to improve your already great service.
Let's hear from some others in the community.


  • Do you have any evidence? Personally, I would have waited until I had some evidence to say such things publicly.

    What strain did you choke on as well?

  • I defend your right to be wrong. Lot of accusations....no evidence. Next.

  • I'm not sure accusing everyone here of being greedy and poisoning you is really what we're going for. Nor have I received any complaints of anything like this, ever. If you don't like the products, don't buy?

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