Catholic School Girl Review

So this just came with some Runtz, Dolato, & Sour Joker. I haven't tried the those 3 yet and will post reviews when I do. The CSG reminded me visually of Pineapple Express: an olivey green loaded with red hairs and when you use a10x a you can see the crystals covering everything. The smell is sweet but I'm not good at nailing specific smells but there's a little gas as well as the sweetness and it's very nice. The buds are sticky and have some give to them and range in size from Med-Lg to Med small. The taste is also sweet and I got an instant head rush on my first hit which now seems to have migrated to a relaxed but focused state. As I'm writing this I'm getting more spacey as the high settles in and I'm actually feeling as though I can close my eyes and take a quick nap ( that might also be because I was up at 3 am) Anyway, I'm stone as shit from this and that nap is calling I'll update the longer term effects after I have had some LOL just smoked this about 30 minutes ago. Another fine strain from @LoudnCo plus 4 business days from order to door, very , very fast


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