Dry Herb Vaporizer

Any thoughts on the PAX3. I got one coming. I'm gonna try and retire my Toker II water bong. Enrolling in vaporizing school at Ridgemont High with MR. Hand. Anyone got one of these things? Tips and pointers for this poor boomer



  • @JelfSpicoli if it means anything I have two, and gave a third to my in-laws. Love the PAX3. I’d recommend the complete kit. I also use Budkups in them (check out Amazon).

  • I'm in total agreement @TheProfessor bk's and a vented oven lid for me. @JelfSpicoli don't expect to feel the same experience from the pax you get from a water pipe or bong. The airflow is more restricted and it's not a ripper it's a sipper. In short I love mine

  • Budkups and half pack lid too

  • EDIT : make sure not to let the pax sit in the soak it will get pulled into the pax. Just make sure that paper towel is completely in the oven and after you soak the paper towel wipe away any gms from the joint where oven meets plastic. Turn the pax oven up in a bowl,.Sorry for the earlier post this really does work you just can't drown it , in gms

  • Thanks Uncle Jed @MNTDWLER @TheProfessor And @MikeyC I knew one of you guys had to have a Pax3, but I hit the jackpot with 3 of my favorite posters having one. When It gets here I may have to slid back on here and get schooled after I hold it in my hand. I've got Mars, Horchata and Lodi Dodi coming so I can't wait been drying out for over a week letting myself run all the way out. Damn UJed you get up early like me or go to bed late. I appreciate y'all taking the time to respond

  • Cleaning is key for the best taste and flavor. I like how my friend @MNTDWLER put it, "it's not a ripper, it's a sipper"! Vaping flower is definitely a different experience, but I really enjoy it!!

  • Pax 3 cleaning advice =
    ZEN Bundles Zen Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle, 132 Count (Pack of 3) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000W5R6UA/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_77T9V2ZHJ6ENY51P72N1

  • Holy crap UJed @MNTDWLER What a website. That is Hardware alright. Damn now I want one of those pipes that comes in a briefcase. If this Pax don't work out I'm saving for one of those Flowerpots. Definitely getting the tool you suggested. Pax suppose to be here tomorrow. Thanks Buddy

  • Lodi Dodi just landed from @LoudnCo Awesome bud smells wonderful. Haven't had any weed in almost two weeks. After I mow the yard I'm going to the Moon. The farewell tour for the Toker II. Since the Lodi is more sativa maybe It won't comatose me and I can write some music

  • @JelfSpicoli i bet you buy a water pipe adapter just to run your pax through that toker-ll lol. I had one with a messed up label I snagged for $25 at a local shop. I didn't realize what I had until after it was broken and I priced a replacement lol. If you're really serious about getting started in vaping flower for the flavor as well as the high..you will want to look at some desktop vapes . I like my arizer EQ it's cheap "like $120 @vapospy with a cupon code", it's reliable, has a whip or can be used with balloons. Plus there's a lot of mods available from DDave that make it a cloud machine. The industry standard Volcano is probably the best on the market. And is the only vape to my knowledge to be given the U/L seal of approval. Do your research before you retire the toker2 you just might want to hook a vape up to it. Your going to be amazed by the flavor of your pax3. But there's no comparison in flavor between the pax and desktop vapes..The pax just can't hang after the first few draws. Enjoy the pax mr spicoli, but don't forget you own Mr Hand 8hr's "that's a conservative estimate" 😉🤣 on the Davis agreement and all associated treaties including the American Revolution before you can graduate and go to the last "fiest". 🤣 P.S. Did you know that the look of disgust on Phoebe Cate's face when she walked in on "Bradley" was real. Jude Reinhold surprised her with a big rubber phallus to evoke that response. Also Sean Penn said when you and your friends fall out of the van at the start of the movie you were actually smoking bud..what strain was it ? LMAO 😁😂🤣 Have a great evening my friend 😙💨🍀. PS the "flowerpot" is a great do it all kit but it should be when it starts at what $1000. I would most assuredly have to test drive one before laying down ten or more Benjamins. 💵💸💸

  • Gizmodo: If Apple Made a Weed Vaporizor, the DaVinci IQC Would Be It.

  • They said that about the firefly 2 which was a HUGE disappointment .


  • Sorry guys didn't mean to start a thread and leave, but I had to work out of town. I was in a quarantine bubble with WIFI internet for two weeks and couldn't risk being seen looking.
    Got my PAX3 and love it. Uncle Jed said 'sipper not a ripper" I get it. Man those first sips are very tasty that's the best it gets. Easy on the lungs. Just love it.

    Glad I maxxed out my order of RSO for my wife, I gonna miss @medmama
    Thanks to everyone for the pointers

  • Jeff- get the bud kups and you basically have a crafty jr- superior taste, airflow and speeds up/evenly uses the buds!

  • Hey @MikeyC thanks brother. That's exactly what I need. Also how's the best way to know you've gotten everything out of you bud? I've been using the highest setting and those first hits are a tasty bliss so I'm probably wasting some just to get that taste. Saving it like a ash try full of roaches- maybe good for keeping up with the jones' when you run out! lol. Great tip Mikey I'm on it

  • For a pax start what your doing is fine with budkups. And the abv you can save and make awesome cookies. They'll smoke faster and be less burnt with budkups

  • @JelfSpicoli if you can get the pax App through play store or apple store the best way I've found is. Set the pax to efficiency mode, then start out at the lowest possible temperature setting. As you work your way through the session the temp will automatically increase. Myself I think it's the best way to get every drop before delegating my abv's to the cannabutter jar. If you're looking for that outrageous terp flavor profile stick with the flavor mode jmho.

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    @MNTDWLER Thanks Ujed Your version of cleaning is the ticket. I love the way the medicine tastes through the Pax. Been trying to order from CC, but no luck. I've been working in Nashville this week and keeping weird hours in the studio and every time I'm ready to order they've hit their limit.

  • They reset at the same time daily- around 3 pm est

  • Thanks @MikeyC I wish medboy would have told me that Tuesday instead of bitch slapping me for getting frustrated lol I been trying all week. Gave up and bought the motor breath from mama. Makes sense I'm always trying in the morning.

  • Medmama back on the order form, but not on the menu. CC is on the menu, but not on the order form. Not complaining or anything just an observation.

  • Jelf help. I need self help. Will y'all sell self help to an elf? Jelf will sell elf self help!?

  • Ha Ha not even 4:20 yet, but it is Friday. You started early today or you never quit from yesterday

  • I love you guys - every thread I have been on I learn something new or get turned onto something. I have an Arizer Solo 2 and love it. It isn't as pretty as the Pax line but it is a solid workhorse. I recently bought an Ardent FX and am slowly switching over to edibles. A cup of coffee with a spoonful of infused MCT oil blended in keeps me going all day. Turned bf onto gummies and THC powder. Those Pax 3s though sure are elegant and pretty lil vapes. Might still break down and get a full kit at some point.

  • Talk to me raza. I have an edibox, levo 2 and ardent fx. Post on my wall and I'll answer it all! Do you use the trainer?

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    @TabulaRaza completely off topic but talking about turn on to something new, check out the subreddit r/MephHeads. I stumbled across this a couple weeks ago and have realized that my knowledge of the cultivation world is 20 years outdated.

  • How about the Gpen Elite? How does it compare to the Pax 3?

  • @MNTDWLER @TheProfessor @MikeyC I'm curious as to each of your reasons for switching to the vape route as opposed to traditional methods of smoking?

  • @TreesPlz I probably still smoke more than I vape. I have a medical card and believe it ir not, it’s illegal to combust flower here. I picked up a Pax to be legal, but I like the experience so I switch back and forth.

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