Alien Rock Candy:

  • Small nuggets ,dense covered in trichromes, lemon spice candy taste , smelled of sour candy and pine very lingering skunk smell fresh. A point five bowl put me to sleep before I finished the full bowl, helps with pain management for me.

Forbidden Fruit:

  • Small mid and large nuggets covered in Trichromes, very beautiful purple/red looking barely any green color , taste of grape or strawberry candy, smells like fruity blunt wraps or fruity candy ,grape pine distinct smelling. Pretty much candy smoke its the best 👌. Gives good couchlock but won't knock you out good for chillin. Helps with pain management for me.


  • All large fluffy nuggets very light green covered in trichromes, a lil dry but rehydrated just fine. Tastes of lemon diesel, smells like fuel kinda like lemons and gasoline or pine-sol. Very nice happy morning smoke , I thought I was wearing a hat all day but wasn't. Kills anxiety and nausea for me. Doesn't help much with acute pain management for me . Helps me with other medical issues though.

Miracle Alien Cookies:

  • Large and medium sized nuggets, light green almost white looking covered in trichromes. Little to no purple color in bud, caked in trichchromes it will get on your fingers. Taste has hints of citrus/vanilla/mint, hard to explain. Smells like a baked lemon-lime pie and that somehow dead skunk smell got into it. Small bowl Knocked me out , killed my pain and nausea.

Starbursts 25mg Edible:

  • Small green dime sized taffy. Smelled a mix of apple/pine/freshhash. Taste like green apple jolly ranchers but texture is in Starburst form with very hash taste to follow as well as a hashy after taste which I enjoy its a very nice flavor . 1 is good high all day no smoke no pain and no nausea. 2 very strong high all day , very lazy couldn't physically do much was very high just watched movies and took many naps haha and no pain, no nausea alot of munchies was a side effect though.

Great service , great variety 👍.

I can't wait to to try out merlins products maybe in the next months .


  • Awesome reviews. Thanks

  • I was wondering about that Mac. Thank you! I've had excellent MAC-1 from here and I've had subpar as well, so I was curious about this one.

    Also I've always wondered if Forbidden Fruit is worth it. Might have to try some 👍🏼

  • Awesome reviews on everything..I appreciate your insight @greatspirit . Like you I depend on different strains throughout my day to deal with different problems. Thanks again 💚💨🍀

  • @Spiritguide my go to flower throughout my day for pain and nausea has been Mars Landin. But lately when things get tougher I head straight for tropasanto shatter. The body effects are very intense and calm down my neuropathy to an extent. And it's great for my spinal and lower back and leg pain. Good luck my friend 💚💨🍀

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