Pineapple Orange Cookies

edited October 30 in Product Reviews

The Pineapple Orange cookies is a very good strain. The buds are tight, light green with lots of crystals. The smell is sweet as is the taste. Nice but not overpowering but when you smoke it the smell expands. It hits quick with a nice smooth exhale and a sweet aftertaste. The buzz starts in the head and is pretty stony and relaxing but not a heavy body high. I 'm focused until I'm not especially if I smoke a bit too much. But if i mind my dose I can get a lot done and feel very relaxed and destressed. The "after buzz" may make you want to take a short nap, I would say it's similar in some way's to Blue Dream but with a stronger buzz. Going to order some more if it stays on the menu. One of the better all purpose daytime strains I've had in a while and it has that nice stoney buzz I love. And it's one of those strains that's just enjoyable to smoke.


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