Edibles gummy are a rip off.

Tried the 2100 mg mixed gummies from loud , there was worms and hearts and squares, no smell or hash taste . The smaller ones were 75mg and the worms were supposedly 175mg. Honestly I never got a strong edible high or even felt much. I even ate 2 of the higher dosed worms and waited 50 min felt a slight body high exactly like delta 9 or cbd gummies feeling. I saved sum of the 25mg starburst taffy and in 50 min I was flyin. So its not a tolerance issue.. I feel ripped off with the gummies cause I literally never felt much besides tired feeling felt like a lot of cbd or delta 9 gummies give. I am out of a lot of money ,I don't think its intentional, but I won't begetting the gummies soon they don't get you feeling good. Go with the starburst taffys they actually smell and taste like hash and one 25mg piece will have you smiling. Overall bunk edibles would not recommend.


  • I mean. There is a delta 8 and delta 9 thc products so either could have been correct 😂

  • I went into a head shop asking for Delta 9 stuff and the dude was like "naw boss, we got that Delta 8."
    I felt silly, but that Cake Skywalker OG was good as fuck. I swear it has delta 9 in there.

  • The starburst were one of my first purchases a couple years ago and I ate them all in like a 4 hour span and barely got a buzz. I never ordered edibles off this site again after that. Too expensive to be gambling

  • Maybe they need to add an emulsifier like sunflower lechitin to their mix. Taste will suffer but high will be more bioavailable.

  • @MikeyC I used sunflower lecithin in the gummies I made and if I take one before bed, I'm still high AF in the morning when I wake up. Then again, I think I used about twice as much distillate as I should have. lol

  • @LoudnCo I can't say I've received many emails regarding these gummies (or any of the edibles really). That's not to say there could be an issue, batches I'm sure aren't all the same. Looping in Loud if they want to respond, at the very least so they are aware of this conversation.

  • My husband makes his own with the green we buy from here. Invest in a LEVO is my advice!

  • Maybe Loud needs to outsource and have @MikeyC make them. Now those I would buy!
    I have several friends and family members wanting to purchase but I can’t recommend based on the reviews so far. Patiently waiting for alternatives.

  • Same for me. Gummies have done nothing for me from Loud and have no taste or smell like what I am used to.

  • @Higheveryone23 I started with a levo 2 and it broke on me after about 10 uses. Although they replaced it I have been recommending the ardent fx to friends and prefer to use the edibox with smaller mason jars in them(I can run 4 strains at a time) and prefer a Cuisinart slow cooker to infuse oils -ghee, coconut or MCT oil. Cuisinart settings I swear are designed for us!

    I've been making sugar these days a lot with everclear after decarbing. Super easy.

  • I bought 2 chocolate candy bars when they were available. It had 8 squares to each bar. I ate 2 squares the 1st time and it did nothing to me, so I ate a whole bar next time
    and it said it was 10 doses lol , it did absolutely nothing.

  • @MikeyC so, have you used the cooking feature on the ardent? Is it user friendly? Crock pot may be the the way to go but a lot of guessing and opportunity for error...
    Also, Have you had success with Tinctures? Thx!

  • My friend used the cooling feature in the ardent before but I am just using it to decarb and use the Cuisinart slow cooker due to its temperature settings aligning with infusion temps. Warm is 159-165, simmer is 175, low is 200, which for me means MCT, Coconut and Ghee infusion temps like they knew what they were doing.

  • @Rella321 This is when not everything is the same for everyone comes in. The candy bars are still asked for daily from people who loved them. Edibles really seem to be much more hit or miss for different people than anything else, it's really amazing.

  • I only got the chocolate once and for me wasn't quite a good a deal as the gummies from MA but I definitely felt decent off couple to 3 square although my tolerance was probably not nearly as high is now unfortunately

  • @medboy can I request the medmama gumdrops recipe? Is it pate de fruit?

  • Boy are they ever mine came what I thought was dirt all over them but ended up being mold!! what a waste of money an i tryed to clean off an eat but no high !!! Bought vapes too they are about the same

  • Your correct on that MB, I heard edibles don't affect some people at all, and I'm one of them.

  • Eat a couple tums half hour before edibles and take with fat is what I heard when consuming edibles and seems to do the trick for me anyways, but Ma's gummies think had lecithin in to aid metabolism

  • If you think edibles don't affect you eat a couple drops of distillate, for me edibles are hit or miss but distillate or my homemade butter works every time on a full stomach or not.

  • Why Tums @Vapedad78? What does that do? Curious I’ve had friends that also had no effects from edibles but I’ll have them try to take with peanut butter or something if that will help.

  • I wonder if there is no lecithin in @LoudnCo's edibles? Lecithin allows THC to enter the bloodstream more efficiently. You could try eating a lecithin capsule before eating the edible to see if that works better. I've also read that if you do not have healthy gut bacteria (by eating a lot of fermented foods and probiotics and skipping the sugar and carbs), edibles will not work as well either.

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