Bud n hash

so recently I requested a 1/4 of blackberry kush and a 1/4 of gorilla cookies and 2gs of pope Gelato premium wax.

The blackberry is that omg bud covered in trichromes. Elegant smell i can't figure out yet and half the sack was 1 nugget. Very premium, highly recommend. Couldn't finish the whole bowl I fell asleep, very sour berries tasting . Very good for sleep and pain management.

I never received the gorilla cookies and I was really wanting that strain and its still available to order , but its all good I got godzilla glue very light green airy nugs that are very sticky and a very pleasing pine armpit orange peel fresh smelling with that skunk smell in there, honestly my favorite smelling bud so far in my life . Tasted a hint of coffee n cream and tasted like lemon pepper pine .

I never received the 2gs of the premium pope Gelato shatter . I got the discounted wedding cake shatter I haven't tried it but looks and smells good besides being dark but the only thing that sucks is im out $30 since the wedding cake is discounted , I paid $30 more for quality. Should have subbed with another wax at the same price.

I normally hold my tongue over minor issues but with the gummies being bunk now this. Im out of $200 but ill still shop w them . Also im sorry for the complaints cause normally its great . And still is besides this hiccup.


  • I’d definitely message medboy on the contact forum about the discount shatter. I’ve had both shatters and Pope gelato is much better than the discount wedding cake.

  • @HeartlandHippie2945 how do you send messages on here? I click the mail icon but nothing happens. Thanks for the help.

  • @Spiritguide You need to email him from the address you used when you ordered.
    I get what you're saying. I've ordered halves from mama in the past and they sent ounces of as a substitute on a couple of occasions. Last time they sent banana kush.
    I was ok with that, but it seems that your experience is the opposite.

  • Which vendor was it?

  • @Spiritguide on the order form on the top right you will see the contact section, click on that then leave your message. @medboy will make you whole again...he's done it for me a couple of times over the years. Well not this medboy but his predecessor, the new medboy is really nice and easy to deal with. Good luck with your order my friend. 💚💨🍀

  • Hello please disregard the strain mix up and wax mix up, they sayin i ordered that I probably did on accident .Can anyone help me edit this review. Thanks. Sorry about that.

  • The best way to get it deleted is to start calling everybody out, post frightening gay porn pics, and blast everyone's wall with hateful words and the frightening gay porn pics.

  • I've made the same mistake myself. Thinking I ordered one thing but apparently marked down a different one. I take a screenshot of my order page for my records.

  • @MaryBB has it figured out. I try to remember to take screenshots of the order and comments because I forget what I ordered as well as what subs I ask for. Once it's delivered I delete them.

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