Merlin bud n shroom

purple Lamborghini looks and smells amazing very beautiful big purple in white trichromed nugs .
The chitwan 1/8th is literally one giant shroom. Also free mini joint thanks . Highly recommend.


  • Does anyone know if Merlin is splitting properly on flower or Vapes? Just received Vapes and got 4 of same when I requested 4 all different.

  • Yes they missed a couple splits in my next to last purchase of flower but no worries. The price is good for some pretty decent outdoor bud. So I just acquired the ones I had expected to split with. 😌

  • I'm pretty happy with what I got. I will not try their premium flower though without being able to split it. I will stick to loud unless someone I know posts a quality review in the meantime @Med Mama Helper @medman @medboy

  • Splits should be honored. There can of course be times where the inventory is off and they are just unable to, but generally, they should be honored by all shippers. If you're not getting splits, shoot me an email.

  • That's a big reason I avoid mmm premiums

  • Good to know. Since my experience were vape carts and I order them often it's not a big deal in my case but I do want to try the flower soon, so good to know they will split a premium for me! Thanks for the clarification .

  • They split 2 and 2 vape carts when I got some a few weeks back. Would be nice if they had a “sample vape” line item on the order form to make it more clear that you want a variety

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