Merlin Premium Strains

Curious if anyone had tried any of Merlins Premium strains ? The Lemon Dosi sounds interesting as do the others . Any reviews? Thanks


  • Have they come out and said they are using the same suppliers that med mama used?

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  • @MikeyC no but it's obvious that it's medmom's protege to some extent. From quality, packaging to the same freebies I'm betting it's Momma Merlin's Magical Meds😉 jmho. But if I'm right their not up to mom's level of being able to fill the board YET..they'll get there. 😁

  • I'd rather they confirm it. I believe if they did they'd get more interest. I for one am really only trusting louds flower at this point.

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    @MikeyC i should be receiving a split of WC and Gelato soon. First order from Merlin. I’ll post a review. I didn’t have much interest in the discount strains..especially when Loud’s been crushing it.

  • Those are the 2 I'm most curious about and then the ice cream cake. Happy to see cookies genetics and wedding cake is a great strain.

  • Last year at this time I got mamas indoor wedding cake and gelato, both were not the greatest. I did receive a double order so I felt like I broke even and didn't complain. I was happy with mamas SS and if I had to order right now I'd get merlins purple agave and Lamborghini, or louds rainbow chip

  • I ordered Friday from Merlin for the first time, disappointed they’re taking longer than Loud n Co. TBH I probably won’t order flower from Merlin again, I was counting on them being a bit faster to fill orders.

  • @Ha11ow That is an anomaly for sure. I've been ordering every week from Merlin because their shipping times are quick...just like MM used to be. I'm in Texas, and I order on Monday morning, and it's almost always here by Friday...Saturday at the latest...

  • @Davyl66 that’s all I’ve been reading about Merlin is their quick turnaround time, which adds to my disappointment. Might just be bad luck, I’ll wait until Friday before I say something to MB

  • Ahhhhh has anyone tried any of Merlins premiums ????

  • Shipping time is always USPS fault. Mistakes on the other hand...

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    P punch isn’t bad. but I don’t think it’s premium. Usually go with cc cause I’m a cheap ass. And try to stretch the quality with the quantity.

  • I loved the Merlin PP. it's the strongest purple-tasting punch I've gotten on here. Delish!

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