Is crc illegal

I heard that crc is becoming sell or make because of the impurities and chemicals has anyone else heard this i know some of you keep up on the news.. bc if so louds whole menu is crc😂


  • Gotta be pretty stale what they’re holding. Starting to think no drop until someone buys the crc

  • You do realize that buying and selling any of this online is already illegal, right?

  • @Sixwaychili yea i do but crc is illegal bc of the chemical amd other methods used

  • The wife and I really enjoy Loud’s CRC. Chemicals or not, topping our bowls with this stuff takes it to a whole other level! Tasty too.

  • I don't believe its illegal, if you're aware that its crc I don't see an issue. If you're using it to device buyers that's bs.

  • @Fallguy i dont have a issue with i just saw its a law in efdect come june 1st this year and it was all bout crc thats why i asked

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