It's been a long long time since I smoked real marijuana I've been smoking hemp Delta 8 flower for months, smoking not getting a buzz at all.
I finally able to purchase again!
Not got to worry about job not liking marijuana anymore
Not got to worry about other debts for a while.
Now I've ordered 1/2 a ounce from cannabis club a half ounce of mix marijuana shake small buds e already broken down buds.
Hoping to get high out of my mind please let it be a hight time.
What's better than getting high watching movies?



  • Hopefully my package get to me Friday I just order a hour or 2 ago

  • Sweet! I enjoyed the Mix when I got it. It's dry but definitely a good buzz 👍🏼

  • I can't wait.
    I've been looking at the site every hour looking for updates or something, when they update website means their working on orders.
    I only order 14g flowers discount mix strains small bugs and shake.
    Headwreck from cannabis club seems like it's A+ strain in the menu.
    I like them strong effects strains not the lightweight stuff where you have to burn back to back to get effect.
    Lite 1 blunt and that blunt may last for a hour or 2 because have to hit toke softly due to effects.

  • Hoping for a label print late tonight.

  • I seen the website a coupler week ago they had a strain called super premium Mac that's what I like to see, super premiums

  • More faster than before seems alike by Thursday I will have my package.

  • The headwreck strain from cannabis club match a description of what I like to get out of strains

  • I'm glad you're back @Bruno . looking forward to your reviews.

  • Bruno is in the house!

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    I missed when high CBD strains used to be on the menu.
    I wish they advertise those high CBD strains on the menu just for looks.
    Currently smoking on a blunt filled with Delta 8 flower wedding cake untill my order arrive.
    Looking forward to mixing for wake in bakes or activeness.
    I got the Delta 9 only to unwind in get into movie's watching TV is fun when im high

  • Highly satisfied with delivery ordered sunday night got my order Wednesday. Just got off work from 7 am untill 5:15 pm. Day labor job. Job start a 7:00. I wake up at 5 am to work.
    So, I have to settle down before giving a product review.
    Anything medicineman does I always liked it, so, I know I will be satisfied.
    I'm going to roll about 6 blunts back to back when I done spending off time in the community.
    Was actually at work when package got delivered, gated yard single person home.
    Hooray we done it once again!

  • Only strain I know doesn't produce a bag bustling scent while having potency is Dolato strain. My package from cannabis club mix strains remind of Dolato stain. Bright line green orange hairs. Haven't smoke yet. Rolling some blunts for my storage canteen.
    Discreet package no scent.
    Comes with a reusable mylar bag.
    Pleased wasn't odor bustling but looks fire

  • It's not Dolato though because Dolato I had was fluffy I have dense small nugs

  • Smokes nice reminds me of Gorilla glue 4 indoor

  • It's really is a mix of strains I got multiple feels on this package,
    One minute I'm spelling blue berry then next minute smells dank plus giving off cookie dough undertones.
    On a mixture every bud looks the same that's why I doubted it was a mixture. I have mix strains,.

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    Vanilla waffle cone scents, like the back in the day different colors ice cream cones 🍦

  • I love reading your comments @Bruno, welcome back to the forum Bud

  • Oh man are you on the west coast? It sucks living out east where you order and have to wait sometimes two weeks. I ordered last Saturday and still no shipping label, and Monday's a holiday. I wish it was easy to buy here.
    That said...enjoy!

  • The time has come again!
    I ranned out of bud, enough straps to mix with some smoke shop hemp untill I receive a new package. Ordering another 1/2 flower from cannabis club.
    I want something stronger, but, my money is good enough right now for premium

  • @Bruno what strain you thinking of getting?

  • I want something to put me sleep on first blunt. I don't want to have to smoke 2 blunts to sleep.
    I went on ahead in bought another 1/2 ounce of discount mix strains from cannabis club.
    Headwreck is what I wanted came up short.

  • myrcene terpene is the sleeping chemical marijuana has a strain high myrcene terpene in high in thc is the gold standard.

  • I think I have enough shake mix and smoked blunt ends to last me to Saturday.

  • I have Kush Berry from CC, and it knocks me out @Bruno

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    Blackberry kush gave me the diarrhea last time I have a greenhouse version of it last year. Blackberry wasn't for me, I guess cause grapes give me diarrhea too.

  • I guess it's with the mix bag I'm buying where I'm not identify the sativa indica ratio, because gives me energy then gives me couch lock. The discount mix shake bag

  • Always gets good when the bag is low.

  • Merlins meds seems to take forever

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