• Must be why I haven't got it yet. They say it's more sativa which is my fave strains

  • Unfortunately, I tested positive today and let me tell you it is no joke the side affects suck donkey 💩 keep me in your thoughts 🙏🏻

  • It protects you from getting hit by meteors too.

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    It certainly doesn't protect from the flu. 😫 My father started with it Monday, myself Wednesday, and Mom on Thursday. This crap is horrible; to walk from my bed to the bathroom feels like a mile hike.

    On a happy note, I received some Kush Berry from CC, and VERY impressed. STICKY ICKY
    Haven't smoked any yet though.

    @Stoney11 will def keep you in prayers

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Dang girl, I hope you shake it off quick 👍🏼

  • Covid is no joke folks just getting over it crazy how much it sucks the life out of you!!

  • Bad flu is bad. I caught it the last week of September. The symptoms lasted about a week. Went through a bottle of DayQuil and NyQuil. Lost 10 pounds. My taste and smell is still whacked. You'll make it.

  • nah it doesn't prevent it. ive been smoking for years and i got covid in feb 2020. its honestly just the flu with a migraine added to it. i had it for a week then just the cough for 5 days after. i had the taste and smell thing and that didn't go away either until the cough did too. i also had difficulty walking which was weird, it was like each step i took, i just got done running a marathon and i had to stop to catch my breath. i drank OJ and sinus headache meds and i was good.

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