Gelato 41

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Awaiting strain Gelato 41.
Ordered on Friday.
Excited about adding some potent flower too my jar to be smoked In enjoyed to the fullest.

Overall I'm going to be reading posts and articles about gelato 41 untill I get it, that's the fun part when ordering, after you order you can due research on the strains ànd see what other's think about gelato 41 or any other strain,

During writing this I'm about to have a solo smoke session after a series of prerolling a coupler blunts of wedding cake small's, for now and later.



  • Fun part about ordering is learning information about strain while waiting for it to come. It's especially enjoyable if you have enough to last you untill more comes.

  • I have about 5' grams of, Wedding cake. while I wait on gelato 41, I'm still enjoying smoking like I normally usually does while waiting. Thumbs up.

  • @Bruno I agree 100%! :)

    So, you're happy with the Wedding Cake? I haven't tried it. Wondering.

  • @baggy

    I'm happy with wedding cake strain. It's more of a mental booster energizing effects not a physical booster energizer. Wedding cake does hit spot for me, considering I had small version wedding cake, I did not get most potent version of wedding cake their is but it was good.

  • I've been getting hybrid strains for a while lately, no coincidence, just how it has lived out.
    getting both spectrum indica sativa in same strain.

  • I think I need more time to write something I feel is accurate for wedding cake I don't want to be writing just know anything.

    Effects of a wedding cake smoke session will linger hour's starting from high to low untill it's just idles low untill wears off, with notiable rememberable floral scent.

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    I have been able to work directly around people with wedding cake without feeling any type of paranoia because focus on what I have to due , focus on what I need to due .I think that's the highlight, can work around people without feeling any type of paranoia or negative effects like anxiety depression and so and so on.
    Scent does linger once activated, that's another thing about wedding cake scent gets stronger when it's activated into a smoking process, then lingers untill gone.

    My bad this thread nearly turned into a wedding cake strain review

  • After I smoke I could start a work shift with wedding cake, in it be perfect strain not too high not too low, consistently without having to sneak out around break time for tokes to maintain, because the strain is motivating to complete what have to complete then go home in relax then smoke more.

  • Some strain's, Sweet light hearted soft
    Some strain's, Sour feel make feel bitter
    Some strains,Sleepy feel
    Some strains, Energize
    Some strains, Creativity
    Some strains, illness recovery
    Some strains, Heavy hard rough though stuff

    Plus more, .

    You know, 😉

  • @Bruno ,I don't know what you do but you'd make a good "hype man" (person?).I enjoy how you start building the anticipation a week before a review. Looking forward to this one.

  • @Bruno I think you’ll like the Gelato #41. It’s also known as Bacio Gelato and tends to hit a little harder than other Gelato phenotypes. It’s very relaxing, but I find that I can still get things done.😎🧐. I’m looking forward to your review!

  • Still no label yet, I ordered Friday around noon time, last time I ordered, I got label next day with USPS having in their possession on that next day from day of order. I know it's coming to me, no panic. It's kinda cool to be able too track your package calms down the anticipation of mystery.

  • Aside from this package, I'm also gonna to be ordering another package, this Friday.
    Almost ordered another 1/2 of flower this week, instead bought some comfort items like, shoes, gloves, food, new charger cords, bacteria sprays, dog food, sanitizers, face masks.

  • Merlin, Platinum Kush strain is one I have to have .

  • Down to my last 2 gram's of wedding cake.

  • Mailman just left without delivering me a package, I didn't get no label, I order Friday noon.

    I was expecting a label all weekend long, numerous checks to see status of package, nothing.

    Might could be a mix up.


    I ordered 1/2 gelato 41

  • I probably log on to USPS site over 40 times trying to see status

  • In completely out of flower......

  • After logging on to check informed delivery over 40 times, I'm kinda angry.

  • I was heavily anticipating for this Monday by ordering at 10 am Friday morning.

  • Wondering did anything go wrong during my payment process, wrong letter or something.

  • God know I haven't place a order I wasn't ready to receive.
    From the moument I ordered I was ready to receive, I anticipating it heavily when I order. I expect it to be mines once it it's paid for and label me, they haven't gave me a label to look for.

  • I now lagging just wasted my drink thinking did I lose my money

  • This is what I due I wait to receive and anticipation once intial desire is submitted to being intiated

  • @Bruno Relax buddy. It will come. It's impossible to predict the mail. What takes 3 days this week, may take 3 weeks next week. Medman will come through.

  • Finally got label, they just created it around time of me writting this message.
    So I probably would get Thursday.

  • @Mr4Sher
    Your right, I thought I made a mistake on my part, those wallet addressing always be changing, thought I may made a mistake when I let auto correct change wallet address upon submission of payment intiation.

  • Upon payment intiation auto correct change all letters to capital letters, and that's what be getting me sometimes, it be like maybe a letter was change when copying address code to sent funds or got change during auto correction.

  • Keep us posted @Bruno

  • Would be ordering again later this week


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