Legalization of cannabis nationwide is amongst us.

Their working on a law right now for legalization of cannabis nationwide, anybody have information about this feel okay to write about legalization of cannabis.
No more extra paranoia 😅


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    They used to consider everybody who had cannabis criminal.

  • Unfortunately @Bruno I don’t believe it’ll happen any time soon. It’s passed the house, but it faces hurdles in the Senate that may kill it. In either case, the law really just decriminalizes cannabis and leaves the ultimate decision about legalization to the individual states.

  • It's finally good again @TheProfessor , Atleast it's been make progress over years from bad to okay, soon it will all be good. No worries.

  • Carolinas got it rough, in South Carolina cannabis is completely illegal, North Carolina cannabis is decriminalized.

  • West Carolina, Western CA

  • The west coast of Carolina is where it's at.

  • You can't be out their playing,now, this is real.

  • I think we’ll get there eventually @Bruno. Clearly, public opinion has changed. 37 states have legalized medical cannabis with 18 of those also being recreationally legal. It’s coming…eventually.

  • I don't even care TBH.

  • Me neither. I’m fine with what I got. If my weed access changes, I’ll roll with it somehow someway or just start gardening again.

  • I don’t really either @Sixwaychili. It won’t have much impact on me either way. I would like to grow legally one day, but OH could do that…there’s another recreational proposal in the pipeline again that would allow it…but its still a longshot!

  • It doesn't look like it'll have enough votes in the Senate. Even if it did, it's doubtful that the current POTUS would sign.

  • @Bruno Lol a law was already passed by the House last year that went nowhere in the Senate.

    The gummint has no intention of ending the drug war. All federal weed "legalization" simply means is that it gets rescheduled to the same category that coke is in and that the feds won't throw you in jail for simple possession. But we sure are going to tax the shit out of it while keeping the prices at black market levels and not free market.

    See, people actually believe that an 8th of good quality weed is worth $60, when I feel it's more like $20 tops. So on top of a state tax, you will also be paying a federal tax. Funny they don't do that for alcohol.

    Ultimately this is a state issue and states reserve the right to keep it illegal. With inflation the way it is under Brandon, you'll be begging to keep your dealer.

  • "I am the Senate."

    -Emperor PalpaNadler

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    God help us if the government could get everything they wanted done all the time. Sucks that they won't fix cannabis, but I can't even imagine an even more out of control government than what we have now.

  • @Sixwaychili true story. Thank God for checks and balances!

  • I lost my job after receiving some good cannabis. I didn't actually loose my job directly over cannabis. It's after smoking then coming to work it was hard to put myself in a position lower than others, it was hard being the oddball of the bunch it was hard trying to force myself to find someone to due. Didn't want to work like a workhorse when their is people just standing around.

  • I'm in need of a virtual shoulder rub in pat on back..

  • Luckily I somewhat own my home where I ain't got to worry about the rent man or landlord.
    Gotta stay trying to see what the medicine man does.

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    Im looking to buy another 1/2 of flower. I currently have around 250$ going to use 150$ of that for some flower

  • @Bruno

    Sorry to hear that, man
    I hope you can find something else soon. 💚

  • Hang in there @Bruno! I’m sorry to hear that.😕

  • @Bruno sorry you got fired bruh. See if you can collect unemployment first of all.

    "Standing around doing nothing" I interpret as you may have worked in a warehouse or retail environment perhaps??

    Maybe it's time for a switcheroo. How about a call center?? I just got a job where it's a hybrid call center/warehouse and I really only do about a half hour of real work out of 10 hours a day. It's pretty boring most of the time.

  • @bruno buy an inexpensive used drone, get the little FAA license, go to your local realtors or home inspectors and offer cheap prices. Work for yourself.

  • April 21st my state will begin recreational weed sales. Should be interesting to see cost and quality. I think having it delivered to my door from Med Man will be more convenient.

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